Last week was an emotional rollercoaster for me.  It started with the onslaught of Typhoon Pedring.  Besides being greeted by a downpour as I ended my shift at work in the morning of 27 September, there was a momentary 10-minute halt while riding the MRT train enroute to Magallanes station (operations did not halt during that time), and then when I reached EDSA station, amidst a queue of a drenched throng of people like me trying to get an LRT ride to my place, we were then told that they are shutting down operations for the entire day.  So I have to scramble for a tricycle ride to get to my home.

Onslaught of Pedring (photo sourced from calvinshub.com)

Needless to say, when I arrived home, I was in a bit of a daze, and then my mom asked me to take my drenched clothing off so it could be washed immediately.  I thought I then removed all the items that I stored in my pockets, until I found out about an hour later that my cellphone was still in my jeans pocket.  I ran down four flights of stairs (where I live is a four-storey walk-up townhouse, and my bedroom is on the top floor) to check if I could recover my cellphone, but found it was too late–my cellphone was drenched wet.  We tried to see if it was still working, but after drying all the parts (the screen “drowned”), the phone couldn’t power up.

I’m not in a good financial condition to simply be able to buy another cellphone to replace my old one (I’ll tell more details in another post).  So I despaired momentarily on how I could reach out to my contacts like friends and officemates now that my cellphone is out of commission–I considered that everything would have to wait until I get my 13th month pay, and the money that I would normally use to further pay my credit card bills (so I could eventually be finally be free of this burden) would go to buying that phone.

Well, bless my Mom, because she offered me her extra cellphone, that I could use it for the meantime while we check if the phone could still be repaired and recovered.  Though I could not transfer my SIM to the phone (her line is Smart while mine is Globe and there seemed to be restriction on the models that would permit the SIMs), at least I would manage–though it’s tough for me to remember the new phone number.

Last Saturday afternnon, I turned on my personal computer and after about 30 minutes, my computer turned off and then rebooted.  I didn’t think much about that and after it rebooted, I tried to carry on with my business and checked on my Facebook, when my computer then froze and I could not move my mouse.  I initially thought there might be something wrong with my USB port where my mouse was connected so I tried to change port, but problem persisted.  So I turned off my computer abruptly and tried to reboot.  It did reboot, but then when I went to Facebook after launching my browser, the browser then closed and a few seconds later my computer shut down again, and then rebooted but would then shut down and automatically reboot again.

I thought, “I need my computer so badly and this happens?!”  Well, yes, the last time I upgraded my computer was four years ago (and it contains parts that go back from the time I initially purchased it in 1996).  Because of my current financial situation, I couldn’t afford buying a new computer (even as it is probably well overdue) and I wanted to extend the life of the computer I have as long as I could.  And I barely have enough money left to go to a computer repair shop for them to take a look.  I decided to take my chances and hope that a little rest (of over 24 hours) might help the computer function close to normal.

Monday morning, I decided to check if I can get my computer to function normally.  After an error message stating a scan is needed before booting because it was previously shut down improperly, I decided to allow the scan (which took over 10 minutes).  I waited anxiously when the computer finally booted to check if it would function normally.  Lo, and behold, it did!  I hope that even if it would act up from time to time as the days would wear on, that it would continue to function for the next two years until I can muster enough resources to finally invest in a new replacement.

That same Monday, I also checked if fully drying my old cell phone would make it function fully.  I discovered that it did–the only information that was lost was the time and date, which I could easily set up.  I momentarily had a dilemma whether I should still keep my mom’s phone, which was actually a basic Nokia 6080 phone with colored screen and a camera (which my mom doesn’t know how to use), or my barebones old-fashioned phone (a Nokia 1110).  I felt that it’s a bit of a hassle for me to contact Globe to cancel my postpaid service at this point and transferring my contacts so at this point I decided to stick to my barebones phone and handed my mom’s phone back to her.

I had a scare that two of my lifelines to this modern world had a bit of a breakdown (one admittedly out of my carelessness).  Thank goodness there seems life in them left that would give me a bit of leeway until I finally would be in a financial state to finally replace them and upgrade.

NOTE: I intended to embed the real music video, but it seems it’s not available for broadcast in our shores.  Damn those copyrights!  This will have to do for now…