DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Sally Aponte Tejada.  The she seemed attractive in professionally shot studio photos, she often registered harshly in other pictures, often registering like a drag queen version of Miss Universe 2000 1st runner-up Claudia Moreno (and Claudia Moreno’s features are already not to everyone’s liking).  Sure, a similar type of argument has been lobbed against Miss World 2011 1st runner-up Gwendoline Ruais last year, but Gwen had an effective strategy of keeping her makeup light to counteract those criticisms.  Sally made the biggest splash in the “homely” challenge events of Performing Talent, Multimedia, and Sportswoman, and was part of the initial 56 selected for Top Model before being whittled out of the list.

Miss Universe 2000 1st runner-up Claudia Moreno (image courtesy of Miss Universe LP, LLLP)

ECUADOR – Cipriana Correia.  I found her features attractively exotic and she was charming enough in her introduction video.  But she failed to figure in any of the fast tracks so a Top 30 placement is a big longshot.

EL SALVADOR – Maria Luisa Vicuña.  Her only strength is her solid communication skills.  Otherwise, she is likely to figure in the bottom of the pack, and failing to figure in the challenge events only exacerbates the situation.

ENGLAND – Charlotte Holmes.  I may have minor quibbles about her strong jawline, but she is undeniably good looking and making the most of what she has.  She figured in both the Sportswoman and Top Model challenge events (she won the long jump in the former) plus it was announced she made the Top 10 in BWAP, so Top 30 prospects are optimisitic, though it might be unlikely that she’ll sustain the placement earned by her predecessor Alize Lily Mounter and in turn not win the Miss United Kingdom title.

EQUATORIAL GUINEA – Jennifer Rivero Ilende.  Pageant fans and pundits (including myself) rave about her statuesque height, striking features, and slender model-like frame. Yet in lieu of making the cut in Top Model, she made the cut in Beach Fashion instead.  Still, we should salute her as she brought forth a commendable debut for her country in this pageant.

ETHIOPIA – Melkam Endale.  Several pageant fans and pundits loved her features and would’ve regarded her as having an inside track of clinching the Continental title for Africa. However, she failed to figure in any of the challenge events–judging from her introduction video her timid demeanor may be to blame.

FIJI – Koini Vakaloloma.  Her facial features are an acquired taste, but I suppose there are enough people who respond positively to those features (and her figure) to place her in the Top 40 in Beach Fashion.

FINLAND – Sabina Särkkä.  She at least figured in the Top 25 of the Performing Talent challenge event.  Otherwise her prospects are middling at best.

FRANCE – Delphine Wespiser.  Here is another candidate for the “Holly Carpenter” award.    Several pageant fans and pundits (including myself) rejoiced at her victory at the national pageant, and felt that she can make significant inroads in both Miss Universe and Miss World.  But it seems she barely made an impact in this pageant–the closest buzz she received was that she was among the 56 initially listed for Top Model until it was whittled to 46–it’s a wonder if she’ll even earn any points for that kind of situation.

GABON – Marie-Noëlle Ada Meyo.  Here’s another African country making a debut in the international pageant arena, and this lady is indeed making a strong positive impression.  She was shortlisted for Top Model.

GEORGIA – Salome Khomeriki.  Her predecessor had the benefit of an extremely pretty face, but she ended up near the cellar anyway.  This lady failed to figure in any of the fast-tracks just like her predecessor, so it is highly likely she’ll fare worse, even with marginally more solid communication skills.

GERMANY – Martina Ivezaj.  Though like her predecessor, she only figured in the Sportswoman challenge event, it is likely that she’ll fare significantly better, as she has stronger communication skills, a prettier face, and a more confident and vibrant personality.

GIBRALTAR – Jessica Baldachino.  She’s better looking than her predecessor, but she is likely to share the same middling fate.

GREECE – Maria Tsagaraki.  There are several photos taken of her with unflattering angles.  But she registered very well on video as she spoke in her introduction video.  It’s such a shame she failed to figure in any of the challenge events as she deserves a better showing than that.  She was initially listed as part of the Top 47 in Top Model, but for some odd reason her name was then subsequently removed.  What gives?

GUADELOUPE – Brigitte Golabkan.  She received positive buzz amongst pageant fans and pundits since her arrival in China.  Though it may seem that Jamaica might have a lock for the Continental title for the Caribbean, do not count this lady out as she figured in the looks-oriented challenge events of Top Model and Beach Fashion–in fact making the Top 10 in the latter.  It is still conceivable she can pull off an upset and win the Continental title.

Top 10 in Beach Fashion

All images courtesy of Miss World, Ltd. unless otherwise indicated.


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