GUAM – Jeneva Bosko.  She seems stronger than a typical recent Guamanian contestant to this pageant, and she made an impact figuring in the Sportswoman challenge event.  She deserves to figure in more challenge events than that, in my opinion.

GUATEMALA – Monique Aparicio.  Several pageant fans and pundits were not into her, but I’m one of the few exceptions–her pageboy bob gave her a distinctive look that helps her stand above the din, and I found her features attractive anyway.  She was rewarded by being shortlisted in both looks-oriented challenge events in Top Model and Beach Fashion.  On top of that, she got short-listed in BWAP.

GUYANA – Arti Cameron.  She almost competed last year but unfortunately failed to make it due to visa issues (a bit ironic considering this country is part of the British Commonwealth).  At least she now made it this time and figured in the Sportswoman challenge event.

HONDURAS – Jennifer Valle.  She’s only 17 years old, but she seemed to project a serious and mature demeanor in her introduction video.  I suppose that Miss World prefers their teenage ingenues to act bubbly and effervescent, and this could be a factor why this otherwise attractive lady failed to figure in any of the challenge events.

HONG KONG CHINA – Hei Man Cheung.  She won the Miss Chinese International pageant earlier this year.  Despite the so-so photo below during the Dress Designer event, she is actually an above-average entry from this country.  In fact she can probably even make serious inroads into the Top 30 as she made the shortlist in both Beach Fashion and Top Model, and judging from her introduction video she’s a lively communicator.

HUNGARY – Tamara Cserháti.  Like her predecessor, this lady figured in two challenge events, the Sportswoman event and the Designer Dress award.  She made a positive impression so a respectable showing is expected.

ICELAND – Iris Telma Jónsdóttir.  I hate her introduction video as it was shot in an extremely unflattering way–the way the lighting hit her face it made her look like a 40-year-old woman.  As we have seen in her candid photos she’s actually very attractive.  But I wonder where her actual standing would be as she failed to figure in any of the fast-tracks.

INDIA – Vanya Mishra.  There were high expectations set on her amongst pageant fans and pundits after she won Femina Miss India.  It seems that though she still looks great, to the fans and pundits’ expectations it seems she fell short.  But then again, she figured in both Top Model and Beach Fashion, and there seems to be a posting on her Facebook page reporting she is in the BWAP shortlist.  A Top 30 finish is likely to be sustained.

INDONESIA – Ines Putri Tjipadi Chandra.  It’s very heartening to see this country fielding high quality entries after a long absence in the pageant scene.  Not only is this lady good looking, she’s also intelligent and articulate.  She was shortlisted for Beach Fashion (such a far cry over uproars over Indonesian beauty queens in swimsuits over a decade ago) and there were rumors she is also shortlisted for BWAP.  She also made the initial cut in Top Model until they whittled it down to the Top 46.  Her predecessor won the BWAP award last year–wonder if she’ll follow suit.  Would such win vault her up to the Top 15, too?  Perhaps not as much since her predecessor figured in more fast-track events over her.

IRELAND – Rebecca Maguire.  It’s interesting to note that her home is in Belfast, which is actually located in Northern Ireland (which is part of the UK), not the Republic of Ireland.  It seems rules are flexible enough that Northern Ireland contestants are also eligible to compete for Miss Ireland.  She figured in one challenge event so far–Top Model.  In general she does make a positive impression (just like the rest of the British Isles entries in general this year).

ISRAEL – Shani Hazan.  With her statuesque height and model-esque features, pageant fans and pundits regarded her as a possible front-runner.  She did make a strong-enough impression figuring in three challenge events so far:  Beach Fashion, Top Model, and Performing Talent.  But it seems based on the fact she didn’t make the second cut in these events it seems her best prospects would be a Top 15 placement.  Still, it should be treated as one of the stronger showings by this country in recent years.

ITALY – Jessica Bellinghieri.  I so miss Tania Bambaci, the Italian representative to this pageant last year who made the Top 15.  Tania made a revelation when she relinquished her title to her successor that as impressive as she was with her bobbed hairdo at Miss World last year, she actually looked sensationally hotter when she lengthens her locks.  But as much as this lady is deemed a bit of a letdown compared to Tania, she actually gave a good account of herself as she figured in the Beach Fashion and Performing Talent challenge events.

Miss Mondo Italia 2011 Tania Bambaci when she crowned her successor (image courtesy of Marco Perulli)

JAMAICA – Deanna Robbins.  Most pageant fans and pundits (including myself) are so not into her facial features, so it was headscratching when she figured in the five challenge events, including the looks-oriented events of Beach Fashion and Top Model.  We were fine that she made Top Five in Performing Talent, which notably is the only one in that pack that does not employ vocals (she performed an interpretative dance to Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”), and maybe she has a charitable spirit that helped her garner a citation for BWAP.  But to make the Top 10 in Top Model?  Most pageant fans and pundits (including myself) were scratching their heads on that one, as it seemed there are worthier choices out there like Ukraine or Puerto Rico, for starters.  But then again, perhaps the reason why she fared so well is that she does have a passing resemblance to Miss World 1993, Lisa Hanna.  She does seem like a shoo-in for the Top 15 and perhaps even beyond at this point.

At the Erdos 1436 fashion show / Top Model event
Miss World 1993 Lisa Hanna (image sourced from thegrio.files.wordpress.com)

JAPAN – Nozomi Igarashi.  Like her predecessor, she made an impact by figuring in the looks-oriented challenge events of Top Model and Beach Fashion.  But I felt she doesn’t have the distinctive charisma exhibited by her predecessor, Midori Tanaka.  Still she seems to be on track to sustain Midori’s Top 30 finish.

All images courtesy of Miss World, Ltd. unless otherwise indicated.


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