The next pageant I will discuss is a pageant that some key pageant pundits (and an international pageant news website) would want to regard as a major international pageant but several others are reluctant to place this at the same level as Big Four (Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, and Miss Earth).  But let’s face it–its production values reportedly exceed most editions of the Miss International pageant and the quality of the contestants (and winners) since its debut in 2009 is nothing to be sneezed at.

This pageant may have presaged the current host country trend as late August last year, the winner came from the host country of Poland (Monika Lewczuk).  But based on the reception of pageant fans and pundits worldwide, the host country victory was unquestionable as the lady is undeniably gorgeous.

Miss Supranational 2011, Monika Lewczuk (image copyright Tygodnik Plocki).
The Top Four of Miss Supranational 2011: 1st runner-up Belarus (Lyudmila Yakimovich), 2nd runner-up Puerto RIco (Velery Velez), Miss Supranational 2011 Poland (Monika Lewczuk), and 3rd runner-up Vietnam (Daniela Nguyenova a.k.a. Nguyen Thu May) (Image courtesy of Chris Kuntz for Global Beauties)

This year, the winner comes from another country–Belarus (Katsiaryna Buraya). Sure, she comes from a different country, but if you study the history of Poland, there was a time where at the peak of its powers, this country was a part of the host country, as you examine the map of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1619 below:

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 1619, overlapped by present-day borders (image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Considering that in the previous year, the first runner-up was also from Belarus, you may just wonder if strong historical links was a factor in deciding this year’s winner.  In effect, it’s like an extension of a homeland decision.  Though in my eyes there are arguably prettier choices out there (like the runners-up as you would see below), well, I suppose we should respect the panel’s apparent taste for blondes that led to this lady’s victory.  It’s the sort of victory we respect even if we may disagree.

Miss Supranational 2012 Top Five: 4th runner-up Ecuador (Zulay Alexandra Castillo), 2nd runner-up Czech Republic (Michaela Viktorie Dihlova), Miss Supranational 2012 from Belarus (Katsiaryna Buraya), 1st runner-up Thailand (Nanthawan Wannachutha), and 3rd runner-up Philippines (Elaine Kay Moll) (Image sourced from beautycontestupdate.com)


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