Unlike the typical Miss Earth press presentations, this year it was held on a bright sunny day at the F1 Hotel in Bonifacio Global City and no rain fell during the conduct of the event.    Sixty-eight of the expected 80-90 delegates were presented to the media in swimsuits of their own choosing.  To save time, instead of expressing an environmental message when they introduced themselves, the 68 delegates present only gave a greeting and stated their names and countries–with the exception of the Philippines’ Stephanie Stefanowitz, who added an environmental message in her introduction.  Wonder if besides the “nationalism” factor (as most members of the media present were Filipino), if that speech helped her win the “Darling of the Press” gold medal award?

Darling of the Press Gold Medalist

Here are some notes about the press presentation:

* The Latinas showcased bodies for sin as they generally showcased the sexiest figures.  Biggest standouts in terms of figures in this contingent were Brazil’s Camila Brant and Paraguay’s Alexandra Fretes (the latter showcasing a resemblance and exuding the vibe of Modern Family star Sofia Vergara).

*  Despite seemingly showcasing a perfectly trim figure, Venezuela’s Osmariel Villalobos wore a fully-covered one-piece swimsuit (there are other delegates who also wore one-piece numbers instead of bikinis, but those numbers have panels that expose the torso).

Still lovely in a one-piece swimsuit…

*  If the Latinas possessed the best bodies, most of the prettiest faces are found in Asia this year.  Thailand’s Waratthaya Wongchayaporn got the media cheering when she appeared as they were mesmerized by her beauty–she earned the silver medal for Darling of the Press in this event.  Other notable beautiful faces from Asia include Korea’s Sara Kim, Malaysia’s Deviyah Daranee and Mongolia’s Battsetseg Turbat.  I should also put a special note of compliment for Japan’s Megumi Noda–she’s another example of a Japanese lady prettier than the recently crowned Miss International 2012 Ikumi Yoshimatsu.

*  Of course there are other gorgeous faces from other regions.  The most gorgeous I found so far are Colombia’ s Cindy Kohn-Cybulkiewicz, Czech Republic’s Tereza Fajksova, Finland’s Kristiina Airi, Netherland’s Shauny Bult, and Russia’s Natalia Pereverzeva.

*  Causing a sensation in her star-spangled bikini is USA’s Siria Bojorquez.  She reinforced her status as a front-running contender for this pageant and earned a Darling of the Press bronze medal.

*  The black contingent are also representing well as they are a consistently attractive group.  Two likeliest to make the semifinals are Kenya’s Fiona Konchellah and Trinidad & Tobago’s Amryl Nurse.

*  Two early favorites sustained their status as possible crown contenders, showcasing that they are totally complete packages:  South Africa’s Tamerin Jardine and Turkey’s Ilknur Durasi.


*  Knowing how to play with the crowd is Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Zerina Sirbegovic.  She  flirtatiously gave come-hither glances to the appreciative press.  Host (and Miss Earth-Water 2006) Cathy Untalan also tapped her to recite the environmental creed at the end of the press presentation.

Striking a momentarily fierce expression, not necessarily reflective of the rest of her catwalk.

All photos courtesy of OPMB Worldwide unless otherwise indicated.

*  Now, a blind item:  a delegate representing a country that normally does very well in this pageant regardless of merit disappointed pageant fans and pundits as her form was not as good as it was in her national pageant.

Overall, the quality of this year’s group is at a high level.  No obvious weak links in this group unlike in several previous editions.  It will be exciting how everything would unfold in the next two-and-a-half weeks.





  1. Joseph, I personally disagree with your comments, Probably only Thailand and Venezuela stand a chance there are a few pretty europeans but nothing there to be called a high calibre year.

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