Starting from this pageant onwards, I will begin posting a reaction piece about the results of the recently concluded international male and female pageants hours (at most less than a day) after they are announced.  This is to check and confirm my “fearful” forecasts, and to express my take on the results.

My heart rejoiced when I learned the news that my countryman, June Macasaet is the winner of Manhunt International 2012.  I guess my prediction that he’ll either go all the way to the top or miss the cut entirely went in his favor (to my delight).  I admit that I thought there were other contenders who were stronger, but well most fell by the wayside with the exception of my original favorite to win it all, Sweden’s Peter Jonsson, who became June’s runner-up.  It’s a just reward for the best ever representative we have ever fielded in this pageant–June truly deserved to outdo Vince Pinto’s 3rd place finish 15 years ago.

Now for the other runner-up placements, I half-expected Macau’s Martin Wang (the 2nd runner-up) to go far after hearing feedback from various insiders, but I still have misgivings about that placement as his face is simply too unattractive.  I also don’t think he deserved to win the Best Physique special award–I would’ve rather given that to Singapore’s Jason Cheethe 4th runner-up.  Yes, Martin’s got a uniquely slender, rippled, and sinewy physique but Jason Chee’s physique is simply pure beefy perfection.  I’m totally okay with Puerto Rico’s Jimmy Perez Rivera‘s 3rd runner-up placement.

I got 9 out of 15 semifinalists correct from my “Fearful” forecast.  It’s not bad, especially since I was extremely way off last year with a 6/15 batting average (just too many headscratching choices that year).  But the ones who made it that I missed, they all figured in my “Bubbling Under” list, anyway, and with an astounding group like this, the final outcome is still pleasing and extremely satisfying.  It’s inevitable that because of limited slots there will be some gorgeous contenders left out, though I’m still wondering what caused Germany’s Cedric Pick to be shut out (hmmm… maybe it’s the unruly hairstyle in the evening wear preliminaries, like in the photo below).  He’s the inaugural winner of the Lucas Malvacini award.

Lucas Malvacini Award: Germany’s Cedric Pick during the formal wear preliminary round

I noticed that with the exception of Romania’s Andrei Malaescu Dumitriu, the other “scruffy” holdouts decided to shave off their stubbles for the preliminary judging as they finally learned of the “clean-cut” directive.  It worked wonders for Switzerland’s Lavdrim Sylejmani who made the Top 15, though not for Lebanon’s Elie Najem, Turkey’s Bugra Tugrul, and Vietnam’s Nguyen Quang Huan.

Stayin’ Scruffy: Romania
Shaving paid off: Switzerland
Shaving Fizzles: Lebanon, Turkey, and Vietnam

What are the factors that brought about June Macasaet’s win?  I think besides his obviously handsome features, June’s beefily balanced physique and projection skills during the various wardrobe rounds (costume, formal wear, and street wear) were key in giving him the edge to win it all as he most likely consistently performed well in those rounds.

National Costume
Swimwear (image courtesy of Epetallo’s blog)
Formal wear

It’s a major deal that June was able to shine brightest amidst an astounding group of competitors like this year’s group.  All I have left to say is: congratulations on a job well done, and it’s nice to see that his fellow contestants welcomed the results.  It’s great to know that the “Homeland” streak for 2012 is now broken!



All hail the champion! (Image sourced from Epetallos’s blog)

All images courtesy of Aski for Manhunt International unless otherwise indicated.