AUSTRALIA –  Jenna Seymour.  There are some pageant fans and pundits who see her as having an inside track to the semifinals.  I’m not as bullish on her prospects as they are, as I find her type of beauty more of an unconventional sort, but making the final cut is indeed possible.  A key highlight is that she was part of the winning team at the Green Bag challenge held at SM Mall of Asia.

Gold medalists at the Green Bag challenge: Australia, Belize, and Belgium

BAHAMAS –  Brooke Maria Sherman.  She is one of the latecomers, and even if she had not earned any medal she seems to be making a strong impression and it is still possible that she could usurp the slot that is currently meant for Trinidad & Tobago.

BELGIUM –  Madina Hamidi.  Lookswise, she is very attractive in real-world terms, but in pageant terms she seemed raw.  But she has showcased a commitment to the cause and performed well in a few challenges–besides being part of the winning team in the Green Bag challenge, she also won gold in the Tresemme hair challenge.  She’s 3rd place in terms of points in her group, behind Venezuela and Turkey.

BELIZE –  Jessel Lauriano.  She’s another of the worthwhile contenders amongst the dark-complexioned delegates this year.  In another year she can have an inside track to the finals, but this year it’s a bit more competitive.

CANADA –  Valerie Ramillard.  It’s interesting to see a delegate from the French-speaking part of this country competing.  But it will be an uphill battle for her to make the final cut as we’ve seen prettier contenders representing her country before.

CHINA – Jin Rong.  Though there are several pageant fans and pundits who would find her plain and weak, there are others who find her cute and appealing.  Arriving late is a big disadvantage for her.

COSTA RICA –  Fabiana Granados.  Earlier in the game, she seems to be enduring the same fate as Brazil and Colombia in Group 1, but she then earned a bronze in the resorts wear competition in her group, and another bronze in the online photogenic competition that is awarded across all three groups.  With those gains later in the game, she has momentum to make the final cut and conceivably even land an element.  It helps her facial features resemble Miss Earth-Fire from Spain back in 2009, Alejandra Echevarria, who in turn resembles Miss World 1973 1st runner-up Evangeline Pascual.

Miss Earth – Fire 2009 Alejandra Echevarria of Spain (image courtesy of Jory Rivera for OPMB Worldwide)
Miss World 1973 1st runner-up Evangeline Pascual (image screenshot captured from telecast tape)

GUADELOUPE – Sherina Vanderkoeelen.  She was also among the latecomers but at least she earned a silver in the Talent competition.  She has the exotic features that would probably be better appreciated in Miss World, but would still make a positive impression in this pageant.

(Image courtesy of Jonas Yu for Critical Beauty)

GUAM –  Sarah Filush.  Looks-wise, she pales in comparison to last year’s representative, along with this year’s representatives to Miss World and Miss International.  But she is very articulate and garnered a gold medal for being the most sociable.

INDIA –  Prachi Mishra.  Her beauty is of an unconventional sort–she reminds me of Miss World – Philippines director Cory Quirino at her current age.  She seems to make a polished presence all throughout but I wonder if that would be enough for her to make the final cut–she failed to medal in any event so far.

Miss World Philippines director Cory Quirino (image sourced from interaksyon.com)

KOREA – Sara Kim.  In early photos, I was extremely impressed with her looks that I thought she could be a shoo-in for the semifinals.  She still has the inside track as she earned a bronze medal in the swimsuit competition and a silver medal in the Tresemme hair challenge, but it will be an extremely competitive battle.

KOSOVO – Ajshe Babatinca.  She has a nice, girl-next-door appeal about her, though she doesn’t seem to be quite as polished as other contenders out there.

LEBANON – Patricia Geagea.  Her surname is pronounced similarly as you would pronounce “Zsa Zsa” as in Zsa Zsa Gabor.  Her face reminds me of a cross between actress Debi Mazar and Black Eyed Peas member Fergie, which is a great thing that even if she’s a latecomer she earned compliments.  She also got significant mileage guesting in an ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel) talk show with four of her group mates and displaying intelligence in political and environmental issues.

(Image courtesy of Ritchie Photography)

Debi Mazar (image sourced from thecinemasource.com)
Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, circa 2009 (image sourced from take40.com)

All images courtesy of Miss Earth, Jonas Yu for Critical Beauty, and Bruce Casanova for OPMB Worldwide unless otherwise indicated.

COMING UP:  The rest of Group 2 from NEPAL to ZIMBABWE


INDONESIA – Chelsy Liven.  She is highly attractive, though there are more luminous Asian contenders out there this year so she could be drowned out.  Her name doesn’t sound Indonesian to me–wonder if she is partly of English / American descent?

JAPAN – Megumi Noda.  She shares the same name as the lead character of one of my favorite animes, Nodame Cantabile (well, actually, the name is actually based on a real-life pianist, based on what I researched about the manga and anime, so it’s probably a common name).  Both the anime character and Miss Earth delegate share the quality of kawaii cuteness, but the anime character is more of a gawky eccentric while this lady seems nice, pretty, and normal.  If it weren’t for the wealth of Asian stunners this year, she could’ve sustained a three-year streak for her country.  It’s still in the realm of possibility though.

Megumi Noda of Nodame Cantabile (image sourced from anime-planet.com)

MONGOLIA – Battsetseg Turbat.  She is one of the more gorgeous ladies fielded by this country in international pageants.  If this was Miss International, she would have an inside track into the finals.  There are a host of sterling contenders for Asia this year, and though she earned a bronze medal during the resorts wear competition, I wonder if there will be room for her.

NEW ZEALAND –  Gloria Ofa Blake.  She’s reasonably attractive and articulate.  I think she’s of Maori descent looking at her features.  In general, a worthwhile contender.

NICARAGUA – Braxis Alvarez Ochomogo.  She has a dusky, exotic appeal that could make her a worthwhile semifinals possibility.

PHILIPPINES –  Stephany Stefanowitz.  When she won the national pageant, the first thing that came to my mind is that she’s like a mini-Gwendoline Ruais.  Several pageant fans and pundits were disappointed with her appearance during the press presentation, as her figure did not seem as trim as they remembered her to possess.  I wonder if this explains her absence in four of the events, and that she eventually earned a silver medal when her group’s swimsuit competition (whether deserving or not is up for debate).  She also won a gold medal for “Darling of the Press” and a bronze in the evening gown competition.  It seems that we are being pre-conditioned that she is guaranteed a semifinal slot, and is within striking distance of earning at least an element like Athena Imperial last year.  Such pre-conditioning leaves a horrible taste in many pageant fans’ mouths, and I hope true merit would prevail.  Let’s hope Stephany delivers when it truly counts and perform superbly in convincing fashion.

Darling of the Press medallists: Silver – Thailand; Gold – Philippines; Bronze – USA
Miss World 2011 1st runner-up Gwendoline Ruais (image courtesy of Jory Rivera for OPMB Worldwide)

POLAND –  Justyna Rajczyk.  She’s another one of the well-regarded contenders who has yet to earn a medal.  Wonder if she’ll make the much needed impression in pre-judging to secure a semifinal slot?  It’s still in the realm of possibility.

PUERTO RICO –  Darli Pacheco.  Face-wise, I’m not into her.  But she has garnered four gold medals in a variety of events, especially in resorts wear, swimsuit, and talent (the other gold is for the Liter of Light activity).  It’s true that she has a buffed figure and she has great stage projection skills, so that could help her garner serious inroads into the finals–perhaps even on target to garnering an element.  This despite my serious misgivings about her facial features.

Swimsuit medalists: Silver – Philippines, Gold – Puerto Rico, Bronze – South Africa
Resorts Wear medalists: Bronze – Mongolia, Gold – Puerto Rico, Silver – Czech Republic
Gold medal-winning talent performance

REUNION ISLAND –  Aisha Valy.  It’s nice to see this French Overseas Department debut in this pageant, and they have a worthwhile contender with this lady.

SINGAPORE –  Phoebe Tan.  Though she has good communication skills and an outgoing personality (she earned two bronzes, one for being the most sociable), she is otherwise one of the weakest links in what proves to be a formidable Asian contingent.

SLOVAK REPUBLIC –  Martina Gresova.  She is one of the best looking delegates in this year’s batch, but she is currently being overshadowed by the likes of Czech Republic and Finland.

SOUTH AFRICA – Tamerin Michele Jardine.  She garnered attention as being one of the most bemedalled contestants across various activities.  Based on the points she earned across the 16 activities, she is considered one of the front-runners for the crown.  Her balanced mix of good looks, personality, stage presence, and environmental commitment may be her ticket to bring forth her country’s best-ever showing in this pageant.

Silver medallists in the Green Bag challenge: Singapore, South Africa, and Slovak Republic.
Evening Gown medallists: Silver – Czech Republic, Gold – South Africa, Bronze – Philippines (image courtesy of Jupiter Cachola)

SWITZERLAND – Lea Sara Wittwer.  Her features are Asian.  We’ve seen better delegates from this country, but she’s still considered a reasonably attractive contender.

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO –  Amryl Nurse.  She has a polished presence, statuesque height, and a trim figure to make a major impression–she could be one of the blacks-most-likely to make the final cut.

All images courtesy of Miss Earth, Jonas Yu for Critical Beauty, and Bruce Casanova for OPMB Worldwide unless otherwise indicated.