NEPAL – Nagma Shrestha.  She garnered a couple of silvers for a couple of early Miss Earth activities (“Most Popular” during a Miss Earth walking activity in Luneta, and a mural painting activity).  She is a generally polished, well-put together contender who could be a semifinals possibility.

NETHERLANDS – Shauny Bult.  She’s the most gorgeous representative fielded by this country to this pageant, in my opinion.  She garnered a silver medal for a teaching activity and won some sponsor’s awards.  I hope she makes the final cut even if it seems momentum is not working in her favor at this point.

NORTHERN IRELAND – Ciara Lynn Walker.  There is something about her features that I find rather awkward, but I couldn’t really precisely pinpoint what.  Otherwise, she is attractive and should be considered a worthwhile contender.

PANAMA – Ana Lorena Ibañez.  She seems to be an otherwised polished contestant with a trim-enough figure, but I’m not that into her facial features.  Even if she failed to medal in any challenge event, don’t totally put her out of the running.

SCOTLAND – Sara Pender.  Of the British Isles contestants this year, I find her the prettiest.  I hope the fact that she failed to medal in any event wouldn’t hamper her chances in landing a semifinals slot.

SPAIN – Nathalia Moreira.  Being a late arrival, she is at a disadvantage as she didn’t amass as much points as her peers who were present when the pageant activities began.  Still she made a great impression, with a bronze in talent and a silver in a Walk with ME activity plus some sponsor’s prizes.  She could be one of the latecomers who might still clinch a semifinals spot.

(Image courtesy of Jonas Yu for Critical Beauty)

SWEDEN –  Camilla Hansson.  She has a face that could be viewed as refreshing, and I see a  resemblance to Miley Cyrus (pre-punkish hairdo).  She earned a bronze in the evening gown competition and was among the 12 shortlisted for the Tresemme fashion show activity.  It is highly conceivable she can make the final cut.

Three Group 2 ladies in their costumes: Kosovo, Tanzania, and Sweden
Miley Cyrus (image sourced from omg.yahoo.com)

TANZANIA – Bahati Chando.  Facewise, her features are the most exotic amongst the black contingent.  But it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have merits as she is trim and is generally a polished presence.

TURKEY – Ilknur Melis Durasi.  Amongst all the delegates, she garnered the most challenge points, with four gold medals, two silvers and a bronze.  Three of the golds were for early, environmentally oriented activities and the fourth is for talent.  The two silvers are for the resorts wear and evening gown events, and the bronze was for the Tresemme hair challenge.  Does this make her the front-runner to win it all?  Actually, yes, because she is most likely going to ace the preliminary judging with her balance of model looks and figure and academic background in environmental science.  Her beauty is not the conventionally pretty sort, but there are factions who would regard her features as beautiful, just like they might rave over the looks of Pride and Prejudice actress Jennifer Ehle, or The C Word‘s Laura Linney.  I even see her as like a more glamorous version of the original Miss Earth, Denmark’s Catharina Svensson.  Bringing forth the breakthrough for Turkey in this pageant is 99% a sure thing.

Talent medalists: Bronze – Spain, Gold – Turkey, Silver – Guadeloupe
Jennifer Ehle (image sourced from tvdramas.about.com)
Laura Linney (image sourced from celebritylatest.com)
Miss Earth 2001 Catharina Svensson (image sourced from tvrage.coM)

URUGUAY – Cynthia Kutscher.  In a less competitive year, she might be considered a worthwhile contender.  But this year’s level is rather high, so she can only be regarded as middling.

U S A – Siria Bojorquez.  Pageant fans and pundits have been raving about this lady and she does deliver the goods with a mix of a pretty face, buffed figure, and strong communciation skills (especially regarding the environmental cause).  She may not have garnered as many medals as Turkey and South Africa (in fact, she was bubbling under the Top 16), but the medals she received are the most followed ones like Darling of the Press (bronze) and best in swimsuit (silver).  There is a likelihood that she’ll ace the preliminary judging and as a result be on track to garner an element.

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS – Carolyn Whitney Carter.  For two years in a row, this island territory fielded atypical delegates–normally black girls compete but these past two years, they are represented by white contestants.  Though her facial features could be deemed unconventional, she made a splash by winning the evening gown competition in her group with a brighly printed number.

Evening gown medalists: Bronze – Sweden, Gold – US Virgin Islands, Silver – Turkey

VENEZUELA – Osmariel Villalobos.  I personally do not find her conventionally pretty, but no one can deny her presence (and the Osmel Sousa “touch”).  She garnered three gold medals, for resorts wear, swimwear, and was voted as Miss Photogenic by online voters.  She could conceivably imitate her predecessor and garner an element, but it is not totally assured this year with such a highly competitive batch.

Swimsuit medalists, with sponsor’s awardee Spain: Bronze – Korea, Gold – Venezuela, Silver – USA
Resort Wear medalists, with sponsor’s awardee Netherlands: Bronze – Costa Rica, Gold – Venezuela, Silver – Turkey
Photogenic medalists: Bronze – Costa Rica, Gold – Venezuela, Silver – Thailand

ZIMBABWE – Dimitra Markou.  She’s an atypical delegate from this country as she’s from the white minority (with a Greek-sounding name at that).  Her features are a bit too angular for my comfort, but we shouldn’t consider her a complete dud or a cellar-dweller.

All images courtesy of Miss Earth, Jonas Yu for Critical Beauty, and Bruce Casanova for OPMB Worldwide unless otherwise indicated.


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