ARGENTINA – Tatiana Bischof.  There are some angles where her features seem plain, but there are others where she looks pretty good.  She particularly radiated during the swimsuit competition for her group, where she earned a bronze medal.

BOLIVIA – Dayana Dorado Moreno.  We’ve seen better contenders from this country.  She just looks too native for comfort and arriving relatively late doesn’t help matters.

COOK ISLANDS – Teuira Napa.  It’s nice to see a country debut and this country debuted with a worthwhile contender.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Rocio Castellanos.  This statuesque and voluptuous lady has had previous experience placing 4th runner-up at the well-regarded Reina Hispanoamerica pageant back in 2009.  She earned a gold as “most charming” in a Walk with ME activity and a silver in the Ever Bilena makeup challenge, on top of some sponsor’s prizes.  Despite being a latecomer, she is on track to landing a semifinalist spot.

FIJI – Esther Foss.  She earned gold as “best teacher” in a school visit activity.  She is a comely contender who got some positive notices.  But this year is highly competitive with so many others who equally have qualities worthy of making the final cut.  She is one of the worthwhile possibilities.

GERMANY – Nel-Linda Zublewitz.  I found it surprising that she fared as well as she did, garnering three gold medals for resort wear, being the fastest learner in the Liter of Light activity, and an eco-embassadress activity.  Going into the national costume finals, she was the leader in her group.  There are pageant fans and pundits who are starting to appreciate her looks as refreshing, and with her knowledge and commitment to the cause, she does have an inside track to the finals and bring forth this country’s breakthrough in this pageant.

Resort Wear medalists: Silver – Wales, Gold – Germany, Bronze – Thailand

GUATEMALA – Estefany Miranda Garcia.  Facewise, she resembles Buffy the Vampire Slayer and How I Met Your Mother actress Alyson Hannigan.  She got distinction as she won the evening gown competition with a dazzling sequined blue gown.  But other than that I don’t foresee her making more serious inroads into the finals.

Evening Gown medalists: Silver – Thailand, Gold – Guatemala, Bronze – Norway
Alyson Hannigan in How I Met Your Mother (image sourced from cartermatt.com)

HONDURAS –  Marlene Odily Alvarenga Medina.  She has these native features that would be deemed attractive in real-world terms, but in pageant terms would not make any serious impact.  At least she stood out in the scoreboard with a bronze medal for the Liter of Light activity and silver medal for talent.

ITALY –  Giulia Capuani.  She was one of the first to arrive and garnered positive notices amongst pageant fans and pundits.  Despite garnering a silver medal as “most sociable”, buzz about her faded somewhat.  In my opinion, she deserves a few more notices than what she has been getting lately.

KENYA – Fiona Konchellah.  Pageant fans and pundits raved about this pageant veteran, who already saw action in Miss World 2009 and Miss International 2010 (though with no success).  Though she has not medaled in any challenge, she could reverse her previous fortunes and make the final cut as she’s the best-looking and most polished black delegate in this year’s batch.  Being handpicked to model at a Tresemme fashion show may be an indicator of her semifinal prospects.

MALAYSIA – Deviyah Daranee.  She is the most gorgeous and appealing Malaysian representative ever fielded to this pageant.  She also managed to score well winning gold in the talent competition and bronze in the national costume competition, so prospects for her  making the breakthrough for her country are very strong.

Talent medalists: Bronze – Malta, Gold – Malaysia, Silver – Honduras

MALTA – Yasmin Falzon.  Besides the bronze medal she earned in the talent competition, it will be an uphill battle for her to make the final cut.

MEXICO – Lourdes Paola Aguilar.  She is a big letdown from her gorgeous predecessor, Cassandra Becerra (who should’ve earned an element last year, if you ask me).  Her facial features are just too plain to make a serious impression.

All images courtesy of Miss Earth, Jonas Yu for Critical Beauty, and Bruce Casanova for OPMB Worldwide unless otherwise indicated

COMING UP:  The rest of Group 3 from MOLDOVA to WALES and the “Fearful” Forecast

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