The recently concluded Manhunt International has spoiled male pageant aficionados with the abundance of hunky gorgeousness, which is a sharp contrast to the quality of its field last year.  Last year, Mister International has boasted an interesting mix of attractive hunks and alterna-hunks that would not qualify as out-and-out duds.  Now it seems this year this pageant has dipped in quality and turned into last year’s Manhunt International.  Worsening matters, this pageant is being held at the same time as the prestigious Mister World in Kent, England.  Still, there are some gorgeous hunks to root for (including three Manhunt International crossovers who just had to hang around in Bangkok for a few days before this pageant began) even if the dud-to-hunk ratio sharply increased this year.  And let’s credit Alan Sim for at least providing pageant fans with a complete portfolio of photo sets of the contestants in jeans, costume, swimwear, and formal wear.

It is interesting to note that this year, two titleholders from this pageant are present–besides the reigning winner, Cesar Curti of Brazil, his predecessor, Great Britain’s Ryan Terry is also on hand.  Ryan was absent in crowning his successor last year, due to scheduling issues.

The reigning Mister international Cesar Curti, with Mister International 2010 Ryan Terry

Anyway, let us separate the wheat from the chaff starting with:

AUSTRALIA – James Mathieson.  Is he really 28 years old only?  Because he looks like a man twice that age, that he sometimes looks like he’s the dad of one of the Caucasian contestants.  He does have a fit physique, but it’s the buffed physique of a 50-year-old, not of his stated age.  We’ve seen way better hunks coming from this country.

BAHAMAS – Pedro Mejias.  Yes, he has a lean and buffed physique, but his face lacks a charismatic quality.  Still, with the caliber of this year’s batch, he could be deemed a worthwhile contender.

BELGIUM – Joshua Vanfraeyenhoven.  This guy is an improvement over his predecessor, the Buddy Holly-esque Thierry D’Haenens.  This close-cropped mixed-race fellow has a beefy handsomeness that could make him a semifinals contender.

BOLIVIA – Denis Paolo Ruiz Cornejo.  He facially resembles the star of the reality series Cake Boss, chef Buddy Valastro.  Now, I like Buddy Valastro, but he is not the sort you would classify as hot or handsome.  So file this guy as among the duds.

Cake Boss Buddy Valastro (image sourced from allthingscupcake.com)

BRAZIL – Ricardo Magrino.  I wonder if Mister International would be willing to award a back-to-back victory for Brazil, as this guy is one of the front-runners for the title and worthy of succeeding Cesar Curti, with his striking great looks, star charisma, and solidly buffed physique.

CANADA – Jason Mesa.  Judging from his name and features, he is possibly of Filipino descent.  As much as I want to root for my own countryman, whatever country he may represent, I don’t see anything stellar about this guy.

CHINA – Gao Ximin.  He’s slim, plain, and gawky.  His only redeeming factor is that his physique is rippled to modeling standards.

COLOMBIA – Reinel Rodriguez Vergara.  He might have a buffed physique and is an otherwise solid contender, but he uncomfortably reminds me of the fey designer from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Michael Moloney.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition designer Michael Moloney (image sourced form blogs.courant.com)

COSTA RICA – Jorge Suarez.  Glad to see that this guy heeded my directive and had a haircut.  His prospects to make the cut in this contest increased exponentially as a result.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Robert Anderle.  There are pageant fans and pundits who think he has the stuff to duplicate the Top Five showing of his predecessor, 1st runner-up Martin Gardavský.  Okay, I do concede he is handsome, but there is something about his features that uncomfortably remind me of the infamous “bush monkey boy” in an American Idol audition.  But once I overcome that unflattering reference, I could see why the pageant fans and pundits are putting him in high regard.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Anthony Santana.  He’s reasonably attractive, but I just don’t see any charisma on this guy.  But in a less-competitive batch like this one, he may be a semifinals possibility.

FRANCE – Guillaume Reydel.  Thanks to the calibre of this year’s batch, this guy is likely to  make up his non-placement in Manhunt International and make the final cut in this pageant.

GREAT BRITAIN – Sukhraj Hayer.  Again, this country fielded a beefy, shaven-headed contestant for this contest.  Fortunately, this mixed-race fellow has handsomeness and sex appeal that could make him a semifinals contender.

All images courtesy of Mister International and Julio Rodriguez of Belleza Venezolana unless otherwise indicated.


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