HAITI – Yves Moise Conseant.  Now here is a face that is not conventionally handsome, but might have some exotic appeal.  He could be the black-guy-most-likely to make the semifinals, but then again, considering there are stronger mocha contenders (from Belgium and Great Britain) who might be considered “black enough”, he could be conceivably be shut out.

INDIA – Opangtondang Jamir.  He doesn’t look like your typical Indian guy–in fact his eyes look more Chinese than Indian.  He is not good looking in my eyes, and worse still, he’s probably one of the shortest if not the shortest contestant in this pageant.  This is normally a pageant powerhouse, but they fielded a dud this year.

INDONESIA – Rizal Idrus.  His candid photos are a major letdown from the pre-arrival modeling photos–I initially thought he could be the one to win it all, but though he is good looking (arguably better looking than his predecessor who inconceivably was 2nd runner-up) , he is way too imperfect and there are more charismatic and handsomer contenders out there.  A skimpier swimsuit photo shoot reveals that though his torso is well-developed, his legs have not kept up.  If justice is to prevail, he should not end up in the Top Five.

At the Siam Park photoshoot

IRELAND – James Murphy.  The few pageant fans and pundits following this pageant are in a tizzy over the sight of this man after he arrived in Thailand.  I agree with the assessment that with his gorgeous face and chiseled physique (which could still be seen even with his very white complexion), he is in contention of winning it all.

ITALY – Francesco Basile.  Here is another guy whose stock in trade rose when he arrived in Bangkok.  This handsomely rippled guy seems to have an inside track into the Top 15 or beyond.

KOREA – Kim Doyeop.  He is handsomer than his predecessor, who landed in the Top 10 last year.  He seems to possess the qualities to sustain his country’s successful finish in this pageant.

LEBANON – Ali Hammoud.  Pageant fans and pundits salivate at his sight when they saw his arrival photos, and he has not let up since then.  In fact he is also voted by his peers as the handsomest and received a special award for it.  The first winner of this pageant came from this country back in 2006.  It is very likely Lebanon could get its 2nd win this year, with this swarthily handsome, beefily buffed, and charismatically sexy hunk.

Could this become the Top Three? Lebanon, Brazil, and Ireland

MACEDONIA – Gjorgi Filipov.  His features may be considered “rough” for most male pageant standards, but I consider him good looking.  With his rippled buff physique, he could conceivably make the final cut.

MALAYSIA – Evan Siau.  Though he’s not bad looking, his face lacks any appeal or charisma and seems rather ordinary.  But we have to hand him for having a beefily buffed physique.

NEW ZEALAND – Sai Constantine.  There is usually a bulky bodybuilder type who would compete in these contests, and this guy fits the bill this year.  To his credit, his face is attractive, but we all know most judges don’t reward bulky physiques like this guy.

PHILIPPINES – Mark John Gutoman.  Apparently the organizers at our local pageant felt that since we fielded a little cutie and succeeded last year, we can make lightning strike twice, this time with a more native-looking twinky cutie.  I’m not that confident with that strategy, and we have proven with Jake Macasaet’s recent victory at Manhunt and Andrew Wolff’s successful foray at Mister World thus far that we can field beefier and more charismatic guys.  Still, with the slim pickings he could conceivably squeeze in.

PORTUGAL – Bruno da Cunha.  Just like Mr. Lebanon, this guy has a beefy frame and a sexily swarthy handsomeness that could result in a strong showing for this pageant.  But then again, perhaps he might be projecting a bit too sexily to the point it might become a turnoff, judging from the very low-slung official jeans photo and a provocative swimsuit pose below.  I hope not, as I think he’s too hunky to miss out.

Sexily posing with Mr. Venezuela at Siam Park

SERBIA – Luka Raco.  He has a buffed frame and a boyishly handsome face that could make serious inroads into the Top Five.  He was given a “most stylish” special award recently, so that could help in his prospects for this pageant.

COMING UP:  SINGAPORE to VIETNAM and the “Fearful” Forecast.

All images courtesy of Mister International and Julio Rodriguez of Belleza Venezolana unless otherwise indicated.

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