I never would’ve scored a perfect score in my “fearful forecast” for Mister International–this is because I forgot that they are selecting a Top 16, not a Top 15!  Anyway, whatever the case, I had a good batting average this time:  I got 10 out of the 16 correct!  And three of the guys in my Top 5 made it, including the winner so I’m mighty pleased.  Four of those I missed are in the “Bubbling Under” list, so in my book I also did pretty well.

Still, I found baffling why one of my Top Three frontrunners, Ireland, totally missed the cut.  Sure, his skin color is pasty white, but you can still see definition in his physique even with the pale color.  Seriously, are the two “headscratchers” truly better than him?

Lucas Malvacini awardee: Ireland

Let’s discuss the two “headscratchers” who made it, starting with China.  Okay, he redeemed himself a bit by cleaning up his stubble and looking better than expected.  But still, seriously, him over Ireland?

Even more baffling to me is that Malaysia, who I rated as among the bottom of the pack, went even further and landed in the Top 10.  Sure he has a buffed physique, but so is Mr. Ireland and Ireland has a better looking face than this guy.  But looking at the final night pictures, it suddenly dawned on me–he looks like a very special person in my life, that if his voice sounds like smoked hickory, I would probably break down and weep.  Still, I would rather see, say, ex-Manhunt contestants like Costa Rica and Spain making the cut instead of him.

I’m glad redemption from a Manhunt non-finalist came to France.  I just only hoped that besides Ireland, Costa Rica and Spain joined him, too.


I was surprised Mr. Slovak Republic went as far as becoming 4th runner-up.  I only placed him in my “Bubbling Under” list.  Still, I’m okay with his placement.  There are some pageant fans who hated seeing Singapore in the Top Five.  Considering he garnered a special award prior to the proceedings, I sensed that he would do well, but I didn’t expect that he’ll beat the likes of Brazil and Slovenia to become first runner-up.  Still I’m not really violently objecting and just put it as a difference in taste.  There were similar objections over the Top Five placements of Indonesia and Vietnam last year, remember?

The winning court: Brazil (3RU), Singapore (1RU), Lebanon (winner), Slovenia (2RU), Slovak Republic (4RU)

Congratulations again to Lebanon for his well-deserved win.  He possesses that killer mix of handsomeness, sex appeal, and charisma characteristic of winners in this pageant. Job well done!



(image sourced from
Flanked by the two most recent Mister International winners: Ryan Terry of Great Britain (L), and Cesar Curti of Brazil (R)

All images courtesy of Julio Rodriguez of Belleza Venezolana unless otherwise indicated.

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