CANDIDATE NO. 11 – Anna Carmina Antonio.  Her most noticeable features are the fact that her eyes are rather large in proportion to the rest of her face–it’s almost as if she can be drawn as an anime character.  I’m still divided about her facial features–there are times I find her attractive and there are times that I’m not that into them.  U – 7; I – 6.5; T – 6.5; S – 7

CANDIDATE NO. 12 – Camille Carla Nazar.  She registers as a cross between Bb. Pilipinas 2012 2nd runner-up Ali Forbes and a less-than-polished version of Bb. Pilipinas International 2002 Kristine Alzar.  She is another “crier” in her video profile, this time recounting the hardships she spent growing up in a farm.  U – 8; I – 8; T – 8; S – 8

Bb. Pilipinas International 2002 Kristine Alzar (image courtesy of Bb. Pilipinas)
Bb. Pilipinas 2012 2nd runner-up Ali Forbes (image courtesy of OPMB Worldwide)

CANDIDATE NO. 13 – Charmaine Elima.  Several pageant fans and pundits are enamored with her that they regard her as a front-runner for the crown.  She does seem to resemble a more exotic version of Bb. Pilipinas 2001 1st runner-up Michelle Reyes.  And like Michelle Reyes, her communication skills are reportedly suspect though she made a good account of herself with a poised delivery in her video profile for the primer.  There are a few insiders who noted that she is not as charismatic in person as she seems to project on camera, so we’ll see how that plays out in the pageant finals.  U – 9; I – 9; T – 9; S – 9

Bb. Pilipinas 2001 1st runner-up (and Miss Tourism World 2002 winner) Michelle Reyes

CANDIDATE NO. 14 – Mary Rose Pujanes.  The first thing that came to my mind when I looked at her Bb. Pilipinas official portraits is American Idol Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez.  Now, I love Jessica Sanchez with a major passion for her phenomenal vocal talent but her looks?  That’s a different story.  But to her credit, she registers better on video than what the photos might suggest, and she’s a solid communicator.  U – 6.5; I – 5; T – 5.5; S – 6

Jessica Sanchez in her video for “Tonight”

CANDIDATE NO. 15 – Pia Wurtzbach.  This ABS-CBN talent seems to be the closest thing to a guaranteed titleholder.  One might first assume that her looks are of a conventional pretty sort, but there are angles where her features look a bit sharp.  One might assume that she is a shoo-in to garner a Miss International title, but looking at the sharper angles made me have a few second thoughts, that her beauty may not be as conventional and perhaps her features may actually be better suited for Miss Universe instead.  I’m not sure how people may think about her video profile in the primer, how she got a bit emotional when she mentions that people don’t know what she really goes through just because they know she’s an actress and she has good looks.  Still, she seems to be able to maintain a very strong presence throughout and her path to a title seems secure.  U – 9.5; I – 9.5; T – 9.5; S – 9.5

CANDIDATE NO. 16 – Joanna Cindy Miranda.  This former Miss Philippines Earth 2008 candidate garnered some pre-pageant buzz that simmered down significantly.  She still seems to be a very solid performer who is likely to secure a semifinals slot in this national pageant, at the very least.  U – 8.5; I – 8.5; T – 8.5; S – 8.5

CANDIDATE NO. 17 – Carin Adrianne Ramos.  She has prior pageant experience as she was a semifinalist in last year’s Mutya ng Pilipinas, and she actually has a bit of pageant pedigree as her mother was one of the official candidates to this pageant back in 1984 (though she backed out because she fell in love).  I don’t really quite see her standing out in this group, but I do regard her as a worthwhile contender.  U – 7.5; I – 7.5; T – 7.5; S – 7.5.

CANDIDATE NO. 18 – Christine Paula Love Bernasor.  Her features are of the exotic sort that is better appreciated by foreigners than by most Filipinos.  She showcased strength of character in her blog post about what her detractors have told her and how she just continued to carry on.  Definitely a lady worth our respect.  U – 7; I – 5.5; T – 6; S – 6.5

CANDIDATE NO. 19 – Hannah Ruth Sison.  She is a refreshingly atypical contestant as she works as a graphic designer.  There is an intelligence about her that I love, but she still seems approachable enough that you don’t feel intimidated.  Looks-wise, I’m a bit on the fence though she is undeniably good looking but if anyone can parlay her wits into a slot into the finals and beyond (a bit like Janine Tugonon back in 2011 when she became a then-surprising 1st runner-up), it could be her.  U – 8.5; I – 8; T – 8.5; S – 8.

CANDIDATE NO. 20 – Bea Rose Santiago.  There is a sophisticated, cosmopolitan vibe about her just like the candidate who came before her.  She also has an edge with her very interesting facial shape–a long oval that accentuates her cheekbones.  There are some pundits who think she could be a possible crown usurper–I definitely agree with that assessment.  U – 9; I – 9; T – 8.5; S – 9

All images courtesy of Raymond Saldana and Owen Reyes for Bb. Pilipinas, and Jory Rivera for OPMB Worldwide unless otherwise indicated.



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