The Miss World Philippines 2013 winners: 4th Princess Osmarie Linn Osuna, 1st Princess Janicel Lubina, Miss World Philippines 2013 Megan Young, 2nd Princess Zahra Bianca Saldua, and 3rd Princess Bianca Paz

I am gladdened that the ultimate result was as what pageant fans and pundits from all over are expecting–that the Perceived Favorite was crowned as the Chosen One.  The choice of 1st runner-up was also expected, and also deserving of her placement.  The Top Five were also what several pageant fans and pundits also placed in their radar.  In my “Fearful” Forecast, I got three of the Top Five right and nine of the Top 13 (though counting those included in my “bubbling under” list, I got 11 out of 13).

There was a shocking exclusion, in my reckoning–I wonder what happened to Candidate No. 14, Vina Opiniano?  Why is it after she tied with the Chosen One at the Miss World Laguna event, she was then shut out of the Top 13?  I know her gown presentation was not that much of a standout, but I also wonder if she also fizzled in the closed-door judges’ interview?  I suppose this year’s panel of final judges are just not that into her native features.

Ruth Ocumarez awardee: Candidate No. 14 Vina Openiano

I was expecting that because of the three=hour delay between the actual event and the final telecast, GMA 7 will treat TV viewers with a tight and well-paced program that would last below three hours.  Unfortunately, GMA 7 then decided to bombard TV viewers with lengthy commercial breaks hyping its own programs for extremely long stretches–some lasting 30-45 minutes (most notoriously after the announcement of the Top 13).  The TV program eventually lasted almost as long as the live finals, finishing at 2 AM.   I wonder if a combination of the torrential downpour and possible problems with its editing bay had led to such an unnecessarily marathon four hour broadcast?  The actual program as broadcast seems to only cover at most two hours, and they actually edited out of the broadcast the final walks of the outgoing winner and her court!

That issue over the broadcasting aside, I am part of a huge community now rejoicing at the final outcome.  Though with such a satisfying victory now comes with the burden of heavy expectations from over 90 million countrypeople and thousands of international pageant fans and pundits, Megan Young’s extensive experience in the public eye and the widespread support would help her carry the responsibility with grace and style.

As a parting note, it dawned on me that Megan  evokes the vibe and charisma of a couple of illustrious Filipina beauty queens from rival pageants past.  I will detail that in my full-fledged review of the event coming at the end of this week.   What I and all her myriad of supporters would love to give is our love for her to carry through so she could shine in the obviously challenging road ahead.  Go for it Megan!



All images courtesy of Bruce Casanova and Jory Rivera for OPMB Worldwide unless otherwise indicated.

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