ECUADOR – Giuliana Villavicencio.  I think she seems to have strong qualities on her own accord, but she doesn’t seem to be making a standout impression thus far–this means she is another member of the P.A.T.I.S. crew.

(Image courtesy of Global Beauties)

EL SALVADOR – Metzi Solano.  There is something about her features that looks rather Asian.  She can actually pass for a Filipina mestiza.  Could it be that there might be a fourth Filipina in this year’s pageant?  But whatever the case, she might be attractive but  she is overshadowed by stronger contenders out there.

ENGLAND – Rachel Christie.  This daughter of British Olympic gold medal sprinter Linford Christie could have been England’s representative to the 2009 Miss World pageant, but a bar fight forced her to relinquish that title.  It’s such a shame as she would have been a front-runner for the Sports fast-track event then.  In a pageant where facial beauty holds stronger weight, she might be at a disadvantage here as her features tend to register as too strong and angular to make the right impression.  Still, I would regard her as a worthwhile contender.

(Image courtesy of Global Beauties)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA – Lisa Ngondek.  Though she can rock a bikini, she exudes a demure, girl-next-door look.  I think she is a pretty girl and someone worth more serious consideration.

(Image courtesy of Global Beauties)

ESTONIA – Xenia Likhacheva.  She has previous experience in major pageants, competing in Miss Earth 2011 and Miss International 2012, not placing in either.  We have to credit her for presenting herself the best she could but I feel the same outcome will occur in this pageant.

FINLAND – Asal Bargh.  My severely limited knowledge of Finnish language and phonology is enough for me to know her name is not a typical Finnish name.  I think she is actually a daughter of immigrants, perhaps from Central Asia, Middle East, or North Africa.

(Image courtesy of Global Beauties)

FRANCE – Camille René.  She represented Martinique at the Miss France pageant last year and placed 3rd runner-up.  It’s quite intriguing that there is also a separate representative from that Caribbean départment in this pageant, and she doesn’t seem to interact much with her (she seems to be hanging out with Miss Guadeloupe instead).  She looked gorgeous and impeccably elegant with her hair pulled back, but most of the time, she seems to prefer to let all the frizz out, like what we see with several representatives from this island in other pageants.  It will be interesting if she’ll go for the frizz during the finals, or go soignée.

GABON – Hillary Ondo.  Here is another African who is competing at a stratified level.  She is polished, buffed, and exudes charisma.  Definitely one to seriously reckon with in a fierce African contingent.

(Image courtesy of Global Beauties)

GEORGIA – Nino Gulikashvili.  Her features are plain, and she is generating a raw vibe.  One of the obvious weaker links in this batch.  Her redeeming feature is her trim-enough figure.

At the Augustow Canal (image courtesy of Global Beauties)

GERMANY – Jackeline Dobritzsch.  With her pale complexion and long raven tresses, she fits the type some pageant fans and pundits call the “Drusilla”.  She is attractive, but she doesn’t quite stand out in this crowd.

(Image courtesy of Global Beauties)

GHANA – Gety Baffoa.  She’s the last to arrive in Belarus, missing out on the first week of activities.  I like her facial features, though her figure is on the skinny side that is probably the reason why she is not listed among the standouts in Global Beauties.  But, among the fierce black contingent, I think she has one of the prettiest faces.

(image courtesy of Global Beauties)

GUADELOUPE – Elodie Odadan.  Sure she got off on the wrong foot initially as she fainted during the initial press conference.  But after that misstep, she had hit the ground running.  She sported what technically qualified as a one-piece swimsuit during the swimsuit plus cocktail wear competition, thought what a provocative one-piece number that was–lots of exposed panels that showcased some eye-popping va-va-voom.  She then made an impression in the talent competition with her dancing.  She could be another black girl with an inside track to the Top 20.

Dancing at the talent competition (image courtesy of Global Beauties)

GUATEMALA – Ana Rodas.  She is notable for two things–her too-strong facial features, and her overbaked presentation during the swimsuit plus cocktail wear competition.

(Image courtesy of Global Beauties)
A bit exaggerated showcasing her cocktail dress, don’t you think?

HAITI – Manouchka Luberisse.  She is good-looking, but it seems she’s static that she doesn’t exude any kind of charisma.  The whole effect ends up as blah.

(image courtesy of Global Beauties)

HONDURAS – Andrea López.  What’s with the Central American contestants in this pageant and overly dramatic stage presentations?  This girl would’ve made a better impression if she toned it down a bit.  Still, she’s good-looking to deserve some credit.

(image courtesy of Global Beauties)

HONG KONG – Sisi Wang.   Her bangs do give her a stronger impression as otherwise she’s raw.

HUNGARY – Anett Szigethy.  She made an impression in the Talent competition with a gymnastic routine, but otherwise, she is a member of the P.A.T.I.S. crew.

(Image courtesy of Global Beauties)
Apparently performing a gymnastic routine for the Talent competition (image courtesy of Global Beauties)


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