I’m so glad that “tradition” is broken and the winner is not one with historical (or organizer) links, but from outside it.  They opened it up to crown someone from “far, far away” (as the hosts put it), and it so happens to be the gorgeously, consistently radiant Mutya Datul.  Though I haven’t heard reports of pandemonium erupting like that famous viral video but I know that Filipino pageant fans all over (including myself) were thrilled at the result.

I got 16 out of 20 correct, with three I didn’t get who were in my “Bubbling Under” list.  I was surprised at the high placement of Indonesia (Cok Istri Krisnanda), who went all the way to 3rd runner-up.  Her features were not my brand of exotic, but I suppose the judges on hand were in an exotic mood and were into her kind of looks.  But I have to hand it to her that she had a vibrant energy that cannot be denied, and that probably was a factor that won the judges over.

Big surprise for me: the vibrant 3rd runner-up from Indonesia (image courtesy of Global Beauties)

Anyway, as with most pageants there is somebody who most people expect to rank high that missed the cut, which is now known as the Ruth Ocumarez award.  For this pageant, the Ruth Ocumarez goes to Moldova (Valeria Doriu).  I thought her “Top Model” looks would parlay her to close to the top, but I think as evidenced with her bland interview as broadcast in the finals (they interviewed the special award winners in pre-taped footage), she ultimately fizzled with the judges when it counted.

Ruth Ocumarez award: Moldova

Anyway, I admittedly was way off in my selection of the Top Five (except for one–the only one that truly counts anyway).  But I’m pleased with the results anyway, with Miss Mexico (Jacqueline Morales) proving such a whirlwind stage dynamo (she resembles a Miss Universe 1st runner-up–who that is, check on my full-fledged review soon) she deserved her 1st runner-up finish.  Miss Turkey (Leyla Köse) was a fitting runner-up especially since the tone of the show (especially the swimsuit sequences) was inspired by the famous Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, and Global Beauties had compared her to Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr.  And it’s nice to see Miss U.S. Virgin Islands (Esonica Veira) finishing up in the Top Five and bringing her country its best showing in a major international pageant.

The Miss Supranational 2013 court with the Continental Queens. (Image courtesy of Milton Mieloch for Miss Supranational)

I think this pageant has finally come of age and is worthy of belonging in the major leagues.  I’ve observed that with the lack of a live interview round, this pageant goes back to what beauty pageants were in the days of yore, but with a fresh, modern twist with all the flashy “bells and whistles”.  It will be interesting to see how this pageant will progress as the years go by.  But for now, I’m just elated at the win as it couldn’t have gone to someone who is both the most deserving and the one who probably needed what this title entails the most.  All hail the new Miss Supranational, Mutya Datul!



The Top Three: 2nd runner-up Turkey, winner Philippines, 1st runner-up Mexico