Let’s now discuss the actual Top 20.  Now, I’m not 100% sure about the final rankings of those who failed to advance to the Top 10, but this is, I believe, is a very good educated estimate on how they all stacked up.

20th Place:  CANADA – Camille Munro.  To the surprised consternation of pageant fans and pundits everywhere, this lady impressed the judging panel enough to rank 14th in the judges interview, earning 167 points.  Considering she earned 30 points for placing 5th in Talent, this means she earned at most 30 points in the other challenge events (and in effect she may not have shown up in the post-Talent leaderboard, but she was actually tied for 20th with Aruba at 227 points).  She ought to have earned the usual 10 points credits for showing up in Beach Fashion and Top Model, and it is documented she played volleyball in the Sports challenge, so it turns out she failed to participate in the Multimedia challenge (no posting at all about the safari tour).  She eventually clinched that Top 20 slot as she earned 20 points from her Beauty with a Purpose project and earned a total of 247 points to secure 20th place.

19th Place:  ITALY – Sarah Baderna.  Figuring in three challenge events helped this lady secure her place in the Top 20.  She earned 20 points each for becoming a finalist in Beach Fashion, Top Model, and Sports.  She also participated in the Multimedia challenge and auditioned for Talent, so she got 10 points’ credit each for being there.  Now for Beauty with a Purpose, she has a project but no video, so it is likely she earned 10 points instead of 15.  Most pageant fans and pundits presumed that because she did so well in Beach Fashion, Top Model and Sports she probably would’ve been in the Top 10, but her judges’ interview score was actually not that high, being outside of the Top 20 with 160 points.  It took those challenge events to help her secure a spot, and her likeliest final score was 250 points.

17th Place (Tie):  UNITED STATES – Olivia Jordan.  Her judges’ interview score was 163 points and she only showed up in the Top 20 when her 2nd place showing in Top Model (good for 40 points) was factored in.  She earned the basic 10 point credit for each event for being present in Beach Fashion, Sports, and Multimedia.  She didn’t audition for Talent, though.  It could’ve been theoretically possible she only earned 15 instead of 20 points for her Beauty with a Purpose project and hence only placed 19th, but I think Children of the Night is such a notable charity that she ought to have earned 20 points from it, so her final score is 253 points in a tie with…

17th Place (Tie):  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Joely Bernat.   To the surprise of pageant fans and pundits, she impressed the judges enough in interview to score 168 points for 13th place.  It has been previously reported that she was a finalist in Sports, but considering the 30-point gain she garnered after the Multimedia and Top Model events were tallied, we can conclude she was actually in the Top 10 in Multimedia.  This is kinda expected as if you check her Facebook page, she is one of those with heavily frequent updates, filled with plenty of selfies and yes, including the prerequisite safari tour.  She kept her standing in the Top 20 solid as she auditioned for Talent and submitted a Beauty with a Purpose video, so she ended up with 253 points overall.

16th Place:  SLOVAKIA –  Karolína Chomisteková.  After the Top Model and Multimedia challenge events were accounted for, she entered the Top 20 in 16th place at 219 points.  Now, she didn’t figure in the Top 20 when the Beach Fashion and Sports results were announced, and she ought to have gained 35 points from it, so I deduced she was bubbling under at 189 at that time (because 20th place was 191 points at that moment), and her judges’ interview score was a low 154.  But she was not announced as part of the Top Five in Multimedia nor Top 10 in Top Model, so how to account for that 30-point gain?  It logically means she was in the Top 10 in Multimedia and earned the requisite 10 points for Top Model.  All told, she earned 100 points in the challenge events to secure a Top 20 standing with 254 points overall.  On top of that, she got a solo part in “Dances of the World” with her foot-stomping folk dance.

15th Place:  ARUBA – Larissa Leeuwe.  She was in a similar situation with Slovakia, making the Top 20 only when the Top Model and Multimedia challenge scores were accounted for at 217 points.  She was short-listed in Beach Fashion and was a reserve in Sports, so she earned 30 points there and I calculate her judges’ interview score was 157 points.  It only means that she also made the finals in Multimedia and earned 20 points there and add the 10 points for participating in Top Model, that explains her standing.  She earned 10 points for auditioning in talent and 30 points for making the Top 10 in Beauty with a Purpose, so like Slovakia all told she earned 100 points from the challenge events for a final tally of 257 points.

14th Place:  NETHERLANDS –  Jacqueline Steenbeek.  After the judges’ interview she was in 20th place with 165 points.  She kept her Top 20 standing secure with her win in the Sports challenge that proved the perfect insurance even if she didn’t audition for Talent.  I’m not sure if she earned 15 points or 20 points for her Beauty with a Purpose project, but I know for certain she is 14th overall with either 260 or 265 points.

13th Place:  UKRAINE – Hanna Zayachkivska.  Pageant fans and pundits thought she could have been a possible crown usurper with her finalist showing in Beach Fashion (20 points), 4th place showing in Top Model (33 points) and 3rd place showing in Talent (35 points), plus 10 points each for participating in Sports and Multimedia.  But then when the judges’ interview scores came out, she wasn’t in the Top 20.  I deduced that she bubbled under with 162 points in the judges’ interview.  Prior to the Beauty with a Purpose scores, she was running 4th with 270 points.  Unfortunately, she did not submit a Beauty with a Purpose project and with a high premium placed on this challenge event, she plunged from an otherwise lofty position to a final standing of 13th place with the same 270 points.

11th Place (Tie):  BELGIUM – Noémie Happart.  She wasn’t in the Top 20 in the judges’ interview, but when the Beach Fashion and Sports scores were accounted for, she entered in a tie for 10th place with 198 points.  This means she gained around 35 points with a judges’ interview score of 163, but considering being a Sports finalist is 20 points, how did she earn 15 points in Beach Fashion when she was not listed in the shortlist?  Then, it dawned on me it was previously announced there were 33 contestants shortlisted, but only 32 were published.  It makes logical sense that she’s the unpublished 33rd shortlisted contestant, even if most pageant fans and pundits would scratch their heads that she was even taken under consideration for Beach Fashion.  She earned the requisite 10 point credits each for participating in Top Model, Multimedia, and auditioning for Talent.   It was previously published that she ranked 4th in Beauty with a Purpose.  I initially assumed this means she earned 45 points and she is strictly in 12th place overall.  But considering Brazil earned 45 points for her 5th place finish, and figuring they did the “multiply the challenge points by 1.5” principle for this event, I figured she actually earned 48 points and have a final score of 276, effectively resulting in an 11th place tie with…

11th Place (Tie):  INDIA – Navneet Dhillon.  Pageant fans and pundits worried after seeing she failed to figure in Beach Fashion and Top Model that she would totally miss out of the finals.  But the Multimedia win and a 9th place showing for her Beauty with a Purpose project got her roaring back in contention.  Fortunately, she was in a 15th place tie after the judges’ interview, and with the basic 10 point credits for showing up in Beach Fashion, Top Model, and Sports, her standing within the Top 20 was secure.  She could’ve figured in the Top 10 if she auditioned for Talent, as two measly points separated her and the contestant who ranked 10th in scoring.


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