For three years now, Miss World discloses the rankings of the contestants going into the semifinals.  But even if the preliminary rankings were disclosed, the ladies eventually called as finalists would not correspond directly to their preliminary rankings.  Now that it’s disclosed that scores reverted back to zero, in general we can notice that the power shifts back to the judges, who would base their finalist choices from the way they looked onstage that night, and (since several of them are Miss World insiders) most likely their impressions from the initial interviews.

10TH PLACE:  NEPAL – Ishani Shrestha.  She ranked 5th going into the Top 10 with 290 points thanks mostly to her Beauty with a Purpose win (a huge 75 points, remember) and buoyed partly from her 3rd place finish in the Multimedia challenge.  Deducing her judges’ interview score is difficult, because we are not certain if she participated in Sports and Talent.  If she participated in all challenge events, her judges’ interview score would be a low 140 and she could be dubbed the “Challenge Queen” for this year as she gained a whopping 150 points from the challenge events (more than doubling her original score).  But I think it is more believable that she missed out in either Sports or Talent or even both, so her judges’ interview might have been 150 to 160.  In either of these more plausible scenarios, she would’ve been the 4th highest gainer in challenge points.  Whatever the case, since she scored low with the judges the first time and made the Top 10 mainly because of her Beauty with a Purpose win, it is unlikely the judges would include her in their Top Five so she likely would take up the rear amongst the Top 10.

9TH PLACE:  JAMAICA – Gina Hargitay.  She was in a tie for first place with France and Ghana after the judges’ interview with 183 points as she’s undeniably articulate, overachieving, and intelligent.  She managed to sustain a 9th place rank going into the Top 10 with 280 points, because of a 4th place finish in Beach Fashion (32 points), a possible short list in Top Model (she earned a total of 25 points when these two events were accounted for), 20 points for her Beauty with a Purpose project, and 10 points each in Sports, Multimedia, and Talent (for passing the first round of auditions).  But she seems to have fizzled onstage with her dowdy blue gown, which is the reason why the judges did not let her advance even if they originally had a very high regard for her.

8TH PLACE:  INDONESIA – Vania Larissa.  Most pageant fans and pundits would not consider her a stunner, but she made a great impression with the judges (most likely for her personality and interview skills) to rank 7th with 172 points after the judges’ interview.  In the challenge events she amassed 110 points to end up with a 282 point total.  This despite skipping the Sports challenge–I suppose she preferred to concentrate on her main asset which is her singing talent so she decided not to try out for this challenge.  She earned 50 points for winning Talent, 20 points each for her finalist placement in Beach Fashion and her Beauty with a Purpose project, and the basic 10 points for Top Model and Multimedia.  Her polished presence in the final may help her overtake erstewhile favorite Jamaica in the judges’ reckoning, but still not enough to become one of the finalists.  Anyway, this is this country’s best showing in this pageant thus far.

7TH PLACE:  ENGLAND – Kirsty Heslewood.  The only challenge event she didn’t earn any points was in Talent–either she didn’t audition or she failed to pass the first round.  In the challenge events she did earn points, she earned above the normal 10 points’ credit for participating:  she placed 8th in Beauty with a Purpose for 30 points, made the finals in Top Model, Sports, and Multimedia (even if she wasn’t announced as such, but the points she earned here indicate she made the cut) for 20 points each, and was shortlisted in Beach Fashion for 15 points.  She likewise made a great impression in judges’ interview as she was 6th with 177 points.  All told, going into the Top 10 she was 6th with 282 points.  She was solid that evening, and sensing how well regarded she was with the judges, she was just a few notches below being considered for a Finalist slot.

6TH PLACE:  AUSTRALIA – Erin Holland.  She was 8th in the judges’ interview with 171 points and earned the requisite 10 points for Beach Fashion and Sports.    She fell out of the Top 20 when the Multimedia and Top Model points were factored in, then roared back in the rankings at 256 points when her 2nd place finish in Talent was factored in.  Knowing 2nd place is worth 40 points, this meant she earned 25 points in Top Model and Multimedia.  Where did the extra five points come in?  I theorize she bubbled under in Top Model.  She also came in 2nd in Beauty with a Purpose, and with that factored in she entered into the Top 10 in 3rd place overall with 316 points.  The judges favored more babelicious contestants, but I think she was  still placed in high regard and probably missed the finals by very little.


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