The five Mr. Gay Hong Kong 2013 finalists with model Helena Chan

I’m actually doing this as a favor to my friend, James Gannaban, who is the main organizer of the Mr. Gay Hong Kong pageant.  In last July’s Mr. Gay World pageant in Antwerp, Belgium, this country’s representative, Benjie Caraig (yes, he’s of Filipino descent), garnered 1st runner-up honors, with a balance of good looks, good physique, and standout personality.  Which of this year’s crop of finalists would be worthy of taking his mantle and hopefully equal or improve his placement?

Mr. Gay World 2013 1st runner-up Benjie Caraig

Without further ado, let us start with:

Edward Chao.  I’m not into his very Chinese features, but he does have a good physique and is the strongest communicator in the group.

Tommy Leung.  I’m not into twinks, but a significant portion of the gay contingent are into them, and this guy totally fits the bill.  He is currently the one topping the popular poll.  However, I have to note that observing the winners and finalists I know from this pageant, the judges tend to prefer guys a bit more… seasoned.

Anthony Pura.  Again, a guy of Filipino descent.  In my reckoning, and in my opinion, the best looking and most appealing of the group, particularly possessing luscious lips.  But I observed in his vote for me video that it seems his confidence and communication skills are suspect.  Can he power through on looks alone and make it a back-to-back Filipino finish for this pageant?

Ernest Kam.  There are some angles where he resembles the reigning winner.  And considering how Mr. Gay World favors “seasoned” contenders, his mature looks might be catnip in the international arena.  But then again, he might be a bit too “uncle” for comfort.

Michael Morrill.  There is usually an expatriate Caucasian competing in this contest, and this year it’s this guy.  He has good looks, but I have issues with his skinny physique.

So who would win amongst this group?  My sentiments might point to Anthony, but it seems to be pointing towards Edward or Tommy so far.  We’ll see which quality would weigh most amongst the judges in the finals on Saturday, 19 October.



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