GERMANY – Anne-Julia Hagen.  There are pageant fans and pundits who are pleased when she won the national pageant, who also believed that she can make the final cut after 11 years since Natascha Börger (a.k.a., the hardest working international beauty queen).  But she seemed a tad voluptuous when she appeared in national costume, so I worry about her prospects for that breakthrough.  It just got worse in the Presentation Show as she was horribly styled.  At this point, she seems clearly out of contention–unless a Trump Ticket is handed to her.

GHANA – Hanniel Jamin.  The thing I noticed most about her about her “Truth and Dare” video is her helium-pitched voice.  We’ve seen better representatives from this country before, and definitely she cannot compare to this year’s Miss World 2nd runner-up, Michelle Obama, er, I mean, Carranzar Okailey Shooter.

GREAT BRITAIN – Amy Willerton.  It’s been 30 years since the British Isles saw action in the semifinals (though it came pretty close in 1991 with Helen Upton placing 11th, but at that time they only select 10 semifinalists).  But it seems this lady seems poised for a breakthrough, as this blonde’s polished, good-looking, outgoing, and sexy.  Sure, her evening gown received negative notices, and the difficulty walking in it showed, but she can be redeemed by a Trump Ticket in case she fell short because of it, and it doesn’t distract from an otherwise excellent performance thus far.

GREECE – Anastasia Siridopoulou.  She is good-looking, but it seems she is raw.  It’s interesting to note she admits to having a tattoo in her “Truth or Dare” video, as she mentioned having a “Miss Teen Greece” (the actual title she won a few years ago) tattooed.

GUAM – Alixes Scott.  She has a nice personality judging from her “Truth and Dare” video, but otherwise, she is nowhere in striking distance to making the final cut.

GUATEMALA – Paulette Samayoa.  Here is another member of the P.A.T.I.S. crew.

GUYANA – Katherina Roshana.  This lady of Indian descent has strong communication skills and a charming personality  judging from her “Truth and Dare” video.  But the rest?  Just middle-of-the-pack.

HAITI – Mondiana J’hainne Pierre.  It’s interesting to see how the two representatives from the island of Hispaniola channel Denny Mendez.  This one may not have frizzy hair, but she evoked Denny’s fierceness during the Presentation Show, proving to be a very pleasant surprise and a sleeper possibility for the finals (she actually outshone Dominican Republic in this aspect).

HONDURAS – Diana Mendoza.  Her best aspects are her personality and communication skills, as she makes a great impression in her “Truth and Dare” video.  Otherwise, she’s a cellar-dweller.

HUNGARY – Rebeka Kárpáti.  She exudes the vibe of an ingenue.  It might take a Trump Ticket for her to make the final cut and continue the strong finish set by her predecessor, but as she is, she is generally worthwhile.

INDIA – Manasi Moghe.  She’s better-looking than her predecessor, who thanks to a Trump Ticket, made the final cut last year.  She is definitely a worthy semifinalist possibility.

INDONESIA – Whulandary Herman.  She strikes me as an exotic treat, almost like the way Ariella Arida is also packaged as an “exotic Asian”.  Her communication skills may be imperfect, but she still looks like she can be within striking distance of making the final cut.

ISRAEL – Yityish “Titi” Aynaw.  We Filipinos may giggle at her nickname (since it means something naughty in our language) but no one can doubt that in terms of sheer presence she delivers on the hype.  Though Miss Haiti may still possibly usurp her, her stunning African features and trim figure are extremely enviable.  Sure, Nick Verreos was disappointed with her simple gown, but in my opinion she worked simplicity well, looking regally elegant in her white number.  I don’t think she’ll be docked for wearing a one-piece swimsuit, because the one-piece swimsuit is actually rather flesh-baring and provocative that it might actually be more modest to wear the bikini instead.

ITALY – Luna Voce.  Just like Miss Canada, this lady saw action in three major international pageants (International 2008, Earth 2009 and this pageant) and thus far it’s close-but-no-cigar, and it’s likely that will be the outcome for this pageant.  Still, her performance in the Presentation Show is worthwhile.

JAMAICA – Kerrie Bayliss.  She previously participated in Miss World 2009, where she made Top 20 in Beach Beauty and Top 12 in Top Model.   I expected her to make the Top 15 then, but somehow she failed to make the final cut (overtaken by headscratchers like Martinique and Colombia that time).  This time, it seems prospects for her making the final cut is optimistic, as she delivered a sterling performance in the Presentation Show, and her interview skills are top-notch.


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