I got 12 out of 16 semifinalists right for Mister International 2013.  But that still doesn’t stop this pageant from generating some shockers.  First and foremost, three of the shutouts were those who were previously placed in other pageants:  Manhunt International 2012 3rd Runner-Up Puerto Rico (Jimmy Perez), Mister World 2012/13 semifinalist Peru (Rodrigo Fernandini), and most especially Manhunt International 2011 2nd runner-up and Mister World 2012/13 4th placer Belgium (Gianni Sennesael).  I have to admit that even though they do have qualities that may make them worthy of advancing, I can figure out justified reasons why they didn’t:  Puerto Rico’s boyish features may not be what the Mister International judges were into, Peru may have offended Indonesian organizers by wearing Speedos, and Belgium’s physique is not as buffed or rippled as other contenders out there.

Lucas Malvacini Awardee: Belgium’s Gianni Sennesael

I was also shocked by the fact that Chile (Pablo Alcayaga) and Turkey (Ufuk Değer) didn’t go further than Top 16.  I forgot to consider that since this is organized in Asia, Asian contestants are also placed in higher regard, which might explain why China (Haolong Tan) and Singapore (Edwin Heng) advanced further in the Top 10.  I’m rather surprised by Colombia (Mario Lora) going far as he did as i am not impressed by his looks at all except in the official L-Men swimwear portrait, though he’s not a major headscratcher like last year’s representative from Malaysia.  Pleasant surprises for me are Indonesia (Albern Sultan) and Philippines (Gil Wagas) advancing all the way to the Final Six.  I’m so glad this is the best placement my country ever had in this pageant.  Though I didn’t forecast Brazil (Jhonatan Marko) going all the way to the Final Six, he was always on the radar, and if the other favorites like Chile, Turkey, and Belgium failed to make it, that made room for him to go all the way.

Of my forecasted Final Six, I only got two right:  Mexico (Hans Briseño) and Czech Republic (Antonín Beránek).  I thought it would be Antonin’s title to lose at this point, but unfortunately he choked big time in the final question and answer round.  I have not seen the livestream, but I read that it seems the final outcome was based mainly on the final Q&A, as the one who indeed gave the best answer was the winner, Venezuela (José Anmer Paredes).  I don’t begrudge the fact that he’s worthy of belonging in the Top 16 and maybe even the Top 10, but I thought other guys were more charismatic than him.  But he does seem to have an outgoing personality and as other favorites faltered, it made room for him to clinch it all.  But I have to say that as much as I respect the results, I just don’t find him as charismatic lookswise as previous winners like 2010’s Ryan Terry of Great Britain or last year’s winner Ali Hammoud of Lebanon.  Still, I wish the winner all the best, and congratulations to his director, Julio Rodriguez of Belleza Venezolana.



The winner and his court: 3rd RU Mexico, 1st RU Indonesia, Mister International 2013 Venezuela, 2nd RU Brazil 4th RU Philippines, 5th RU Czech Republic

All images courtesy of Julio Rodriguez of Belleza Venezolana.

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