At the sailing portion of the sports challenge


There is so much flash and flair coming from the Red, Green, and Blue teams that many pageant fans and pundits tend to overlook the Yellow team.  But this team, as befitting their nickname the “Yellow Tigers”, know how to roar loudly especially in the Sports challenge (and the winner of the Extreme Sports challenge comes from this team).

COLOMBIA – Tomas Marin.  He is undeniably good looking and has an outgoing personality, but he’s not making as big a splash as his predecessor, the reigning Mister World Francisco Escobar.  Well, at least he can be proud of making the Top 24 in Extreme Sports and contributing to the winning Tug-of-War team.

At the gym with Peru (L) and Germany (C)
With the reigning Mr. World, Francisco Escobar (L)

GERMANY – Yasin Bozkurt.  This fellow of Turkish descent is a good-looking and likeable bloke, but it will be an uphill battle for him to make it past some formidable standouts.  Still, he’s doing a good job.

At the Extreme Challenge with Malta
Selfie on the beach with the other Mr. World 2014 contestants

INDIA – Prateik Jain.  His closed beard is an acquired taste, but he has his appeal.  He has an outgoing personality and looks like one of the contenders for Multimedia.  But he proved his mettle in the sports arena, being part of the winning team in tug-of-war and becoming co-winner in the shot put.  He also made the Top 24 in Extreme Sports.  Though Mexico and Netherlands seem to have the edge in multimedia, do not count him out.

As a member of the winning Tug-of-War team.
Chilling out with co-champion in shot put Bahamas on a fishing trip
With Philippines during the Football portion of the Sports challenge

IRELAND – Karl Bowe.  I noticed he has a furrowed forehead that could make him look a tad mature, but he is still very good looking.  Some observers noticed he has a resemblance to singing superstar Robbie Williams.  He stood out in the Talent challenge with his two-character one-man monologue, but he also proved his mettle in Extreme Sports (making Top 24) and in Sports (as part of the tug-of-war team).  Like Canada, he’s also notable for clowning around, sometimes assuming the faux-Latin persona of “Ricardo”.

Part 1 of his one-man monologue show… as an actor
As his agent/hairdresser in the 2nd part of his monologue
With Northern Ireland (L)
Robbie Williams (from a Rai TV broadcast)

ITALY – Adamo Pasqualon.  Of all the 46 contestants, I should say that this guy has the handsomest face amongst them all.  With Mr. Bolivia, he’s the tallest of all the contestants, too at 1.96m (6’5″).  I know a lot of pageant fans and pundits and fangirls around are swooning over his gorgeous face–the words that come to my mind are “pretty boy”, and I either think of the track from Depeche Mode’s first album, Speak & Spell called “What’s Your Name” (one of my late brother’s favorite songs–I’ll pay tribute to him after Mister World is done) or the song by defunct Norwegian female pop duo M2M, embedded below.  He looks to be one of the prime candidates to win the Fashion & Style challenge.

At the Torquay cliffs attending a play.
In the bus on the way to the football match with Russia (L) and Germany (R)

LATVIA – Ivans Jevstigņejevs.  There is only one crossover from another male pageant, and it’s this guy, who made the Top 15 in Manhunt International 2012 (won by the Philippines’ June Macasaet).  He might be able to parlay his good looks for a Fashion & Style shortlist or fast-track, though I think Dominican Republic, Italy, Mexico, Moldova, and Philippines seem to have the edge.  He at least made the Top 12 in the Extreme Sports challenge overall (despite not advancing to the mudflats portion of the assault course) and was part of the winning tug-of-war team.

With Nigeria (L) and Swaziland (R)
With a “Mr. World United” sign promoting their football game vs. Torquay FC

MOLDOVA – Valeriu Gutu.  He garnered pre-arrival buzz with his superb modeling and physique photos, but during the early days of his stay buzz was muted.  But he came roaring in the Extreme Sports challenge, as he became the overall champion (besides being the champion of the mudflats finale vs. Denmark) and was then assured of a Top Ten spot.  But he also proved unstoppable in sports–besides being part of the tug-of-war team, in the game against the Torquay United all-stars he scored a goal.  Besides being a fierce supermodel with a gorgeously sculpted physique, he is clearly an athletic beast in the best sense of the word (well, it’s not surprising since he’s a personal trainer by profession).  Netherlands and Mexico should watch out for him as he’s the big possible usurper to their path to victory.

In his “Superman” T-Shirt at the football field
At the gym.
Extreme Sports champion
Spearheading the “Mr. World United” campaign

PERU – Diego Conroy.  At first glance, I find him ordinary but his features grow more appealing to me as time goes by.  It also helps that he also has a buffed physique.  Besides making the Top 24 in the Sports challenge and contributing to the winning tug-of-war team, he shone brightly during the soccer round of the Sports challenge as he’s the penalty shootout champion and scored a goal against the Torquay United all-stars in a friendly football game.  Well his passion for football also extended to the Talent round as he showcased his football skills there.  He seems to be on track to duplicate the Top Ten finish of his predecessor, Rodrigo Fernandini.

Showcasing his football skills in the Talent finals.
At the gym with the reigning Mr. World Francisco Escobar (L), and Argentina (C)
Last two standing in football penalty shoot-out: Peru and England

RUSSIA – Mails Makkarti.  His name doesn’t sound typically Russian so I speculated that he’s probably either Finnish or Estonian based on his name.  But it turns out he’s originally from the now independent nation of Georgia and moved to Moscow when he’s a kid.  He’s actually good looking and appealing, but it will be a challenge for him to make serious inroads into the final Top Ten.

At the sailing portion of the Sports challenge
At the Torbay pier.

SRI LANKA – Angelo Barnes.  In real-world terms, he would be deemed highly appealing and he projects like a confident, aristocratic fellow.  But I think it will be an uphill battle for him to make the final Top Ten.

Profile shoot with Philippines (R)
With his Yellow teammates at the Sailing challenge.

SWITZERLAND – Bruno Viglezio.  Just like Vietnam’s representative last year, there is always one guy that makes you wonder.  My “radar” didn’t ding at all for the handsome Italy, but it seems to be dinging loudly when I look at this guy.  Anyway, he’s actually good-looking, but I sense he’ll just end up as “just another pretty face” in the finale.

In a pale blue suit
With roommate Italy

TURKEY – Efekan Akal.  He is tall and he is a model.  But he seems to be rather passive–sure Philippines and Lebanon were chill and quiet especially in the early portions of this pageant but they soon stepped out of their shells and brightened up everyone’s day.  This guy just seemed to lurk around semi-sullenly and he is not that active in his official Facebook account.


Walking along Torquay streets
With Austria (L)


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