I couldn’t believe that I would be shell-shocked twice in a two-week span.  First, my brother passed away (more on that in my next blog), and now this.  I was hoping John Spainhour will help me assuage the grief I’m currently dealing with by at least placing in the Top Ten in Mister World 2014.  Unfortunately, he ended up being the Lucas Malvacini awardee for this pageant.

Lucas Malvacini awardee: John Spainhour of the Philippines

What gives?  I think his laid-back, “chill” demeanor and his meek communication skills may have made the judges and insiders think that he lacks vision and competitive drive.  I feel sad that they viewed it that way because he gave his best effort.  Anyway, I do hope Sam Ajdani will be able to vindicate John next year.

I got five out of ten right, but three others were in my “bubbling under” list anyway and two were “striking distance”.   Besides Moldova’s previously announced Extreme Sports win, I know Netherlands’ Multimedia win has been long expected.  Denmark’s win in Sports is a pleasant surprise–I thought this would’ve gone to Bahamas who made the Top Three in that category with a surprising France.  Admittedly Curacao’s rendition of Luther Vandross’s “Dance With My Father” was indeed a sweet, pleasant listen that tugged the insiders’ and judges’ heartstrings that he was worthy of the Talent fast-track–but then again, if it weren’t for that I doubt if he’ll make the final cut.    The real shocker was the Style chanpion–Nigeria.  Well, he did look great in a tuxedo on finals night, but his wardrobe otherwise consist of woven plaid jackets and a blue suit–I don’t know if the insiders were in the mood to award something a bit home-spun as I would’ve preferred somebody like Italy or the Philippines to receive this honor instead.

Curacao performing his winning Talent performance.
Top Three in Sports: Bahamas, France, and Denmark.
The fast-track champions: Nigeria (Fashion & Style), Curacao (Talent), Denmark (Sports), Netherlands (Multimedia), and Moldova (Extreme Sports)
The Top Ten: Nigeria, Curacao, Denmark, Netherlands, Mioldova, Ukraine, England, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and India

That Nigeria even went further to the Top Three was initially shocking to me.  But then when I watched the interview video, I can see how he tugged their heartstrings as he mentioned being born in the slums and growing up in a one-room shanty, then juxtapose with how he is enjoying the experience and him taking the role of morale booster (like singing Pharrell Williams’ mega-smash “Happy”) and he seems to be an uplifting, inspirational story of hope.  He also spoke eloquently in his final interview that he out-trumped big favorite Mexico to finish first runner-up.

Admittedly I didn’t foresee Denmark winning it all.  But I do have a good-enough regard for him that I put him in my “Bubbling Under” list.  He may not be as handsome as Mexico, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, or even Philippines, but his boy-next-door facial features do have its appeal (and let’s face it, he also has a superbly buffed bod).  He does clinch the deal with a very pleasing outgoing personality and strong work ethic.  Much respect and congratulations to the new Mister World, Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark!  May his term as champion be eventful, fruitful, and fulfilling.



2nd runner-up Mexico, winner Denmark, and 1st runner-up Nigeria
Mister World 2014, Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark.


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