CANDIDATE NO. 14 – Nicole Kim Donesa.  She previously competed at Binibining Pilipinas 2013 and reportedly has links with the network broadcasting this pageant, GMA 7.  Midway through the pageant proceedings, she also joined up with the beauty camp that generated all the winners under the current franchise thus far, Aces & Queens.  I personally wouldn’t treat her in serious contention, but based on all those credentials, she might make the final cut.  Rating: 7.5.

CANDIDATE NO. 15 – Theresa Regli.  I find her pretty and trim enough to be in consideration for the semifinals. Rating: 8.5

CANDIDATE NO. 16 – Ina Dominica Guerrero.  She has the sort of native features that can be appealing in an international arena.  She seems to be building steady buzz and it seems she has an inside track of making the semifinals.  Rating: 8.5.

CANDIDATE NO. 17 – Kimberly Pajares.  Her sword dance made an impact in the Talent competition–one of the stronger performances of that event.  In other aspects, she is overshadowed by other standouts.  Rating: 7.

CANDIDATE NO. 18 – Ruffa Nava.  She has good looks, but her very slender frame made me feel rather uncomfortable–maybe fashion houses may find her figure enviable, but for most people it might be deemed too skinny for comfort.  Rating: 7.5.

CANDIDATE NO. 19 – Valerie Weigmann.  This is the “Presumed Favorite” to take Megan Young’s mantle and bring forth the back-t0-back victory for our country in Miss World.  She seems to follow Megan’s trajectory as she has her mixed heritage (she’s half-German) and even has a Rogue magazine editorial layout.  She may not be as super-buffed as Rachel Peters, nor is her magic act as polished as Jean Marie Feliciano, but in all other aspects she is at the top and worthy of her “Presumed Favorite” status.  She is our best bet to break the 11-years-and-counting trend of the winner being followed by a non-placer in Miss World.  Rating: 10.

CANDIDATE NO. 20 – Neida Ibe.  This former Mutya Ng Pilipinas 2013 candidate has been receiving rising buzz, and she could be on track of making the Top Five, if any of the girls with Germanic surnames falter.  Rating: 9.

CANDIDATE NO. 21 – Jean Marie Feliciano.  She seems to be one of the front-runners for the Talent award, as her magic show was entertainingly smooth and polished.  She looks like Candidate No. 9, and the same could be said that her native features would fare better if Binibining Pilipinas was still the franchise holder for this pageant.  Rating: 8.

CANDIDATE NO. 22 – Abegail Galisim.  She seems attractive enough, but well, she’s overshadowed by other standouts out there.  Rating: 8.

CANDIDATE NO. 23 – Frances Ruth Constantino.  See Candidate No. 8.  Rating: 7.5.

CANDIDATE NO. 24 – Carina Jennah Aguilar.  She seems attractive, though she is clearly overshadowed by the key standouts at this point.  Rating: 7.5.

CANDIDATE NO. 25 – Eliza Johanna Cruz.  I do think she’s pretty (she reminds me of my pretty aunt on my father’s side), but she is not being buzzed about.  Rating: 8.

CANDIDATE NO. 26 – Jahziel Pernia.  She has a good looking face, but her figure is not as trimmed or toned as the key standouts.  Rating: 7

With the 26 candidates all accounted for, let me share my “fearful” forecast, as follows:

FINAL FIVE:  1, 7, 12, 19, 20

TOP 12:  3, 4, 5, 14, 15, 16, 22

BUBBLING UNDER:  6, 8, 18, 21, 23, 25

The one who is most likely to win the right to represent our country at Miss World 2014 in London this December is a mixed-heritage lady with a Germanic surname (and when I say Germanic, take note that English is a Germanic language).  There are lofty expectations on whoever succeeds Megan Young, as Megan Young is such a tough act to follow with the loftiest precedents she has set.   Best of luck to all the candidates!



Tough act to follow, and a job sensationally well-done: Miss World 2013 Megan Young

All images courtesy of Jory Rivera and Melvin Sia for OPMB Worldwide unless otherwise indicated.

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