Three of the Top 13 semifinalists were determined by fast-track awards–the Best in Fashion Runway, Photogenic, and Sun Cellular special awards.  The rest were determined by a pre-judging session prior to the pageant finals, and the Final Five were determined from their onstage performances in swimsuit and evening gowns.  Without further ado, let’s begin with:

CANDIDATE NO. 17 – Kimberly Pajero.  She performed decently enough, though I didn’t expect her to make the final cut.  She does seem to exude a vibrant personality that may have won over the judges and helped her edge some prettier contestants.

CANDIDATE NO. 13 – Kimberly Anne Sarreal.  She is marginally prettier than Kimberly Pajero, but I feel she probably only made the final cut by virtue of her Sun Cellular special award (most likely determined by text votes through that mobile network).  She didn’t quite strike a strong-enough stage presence that night.

CANDIDATE NO. 4 – Priscilla Kimberley dela Cruz.  I would’ve ranked her a bit higher, but I have some misgivings about her evening gown and the way she’s styled in it–it’s basically a midnight blue lacy cocktail minidress with chiffon train and the way her hair was styled in that segment was just too awkward to my taste.

CANDIDATE NO. 6 – Kristine Angeli Estoque.  She was tied for the Miss Friendship award with Candidate No. 12, Christine Balaguer.  She was able to work her dusky features to the hilt, and along with her sympathetic personality, she proved why she deserved to belong in this group.

CANDIDATE NO. 16 – Ina Dominica Guerrero.  Her fuchsia one-shouldered gown has a provocative angle as there was a snaking line from her bust to her torso that was actually transparent if it weren’t for strategically placed embroidery.  She projects a dusky, exotic radiance that she is worthy of belonging in this hallowed group.

CANDIDATE NO. 3 – Alexa Rae Kirby.  As expected she was polished all throughout that she was a clear shoo-in for the Top 13.  It was a tight race among four ladies to take the fifth finalist slot, and she was among those who fell short by very little, along with…

CANDIDATE NO. 12 – Christine Balaguer.  It’s hard to believe she’s hearing impaired as she walked the stage with panache and in sync with the rest of the ladies.  Her native features were not to my taste, but I have to hand it that her training with Aces & Queens paid off wonderfully as she was able to strike an exotic presence with her features and maximized her impact.  It’s such a shame we miss seeing her in the Final Five as I would look forward to her answering in sign language why she wants to win the title fo Miss World Philippines.

CANDIDATE NO. 5 – Gazini Christiana Ganados.  There was nothing to fault about her performance as she competed at a high level–it is just that there were four ladies who truly made the most impact and she was in a tightly contested race in the next tier of top performers, and she was edged out in favor of one who has deeper connections with a sponsor.

All images courtesy of Mark Cristino for Rappler and Bruce Casanova for OPMB  Worldwide unless otherwise indicated.





  1. Gazini Christiana Ganados should have been tied with Ruffa Nava but since Gazini is from Cebu so she’s a shoo-in as a semifinalist rather than Nava.

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