After the previous edition of Miss Supranation, a former franchise holder / co-organizer decided to break ranks and decided to form his own organization and pageant under the same name.  So far, that splinter group didn’t seem to prosper as a promised pageant held in India didn’t materialize and whatever contestants they mustered up didn’t even compete in an actual pageant and the winner was chosen by photographic vote–even if said splinter group still continued to badmouth the original group.

Anyway, it seems that though this pageant suffered an attrition in entries from last year’s 84 to this year’s 71, it seems to have survived the storm mostly intact.  Anyway, the reigning queen Mutya Datul’s potent combination of sweet beauty and radiant charm proves a hard act to follow–is there anyone who can hold a candle to her?  Let’s take a look at the 71 contestants starting with…

ALBANIA – Abigela Tahiri.  She is pretty, but a tad raw.  She is at most a worthwhile contender.

ANGOLA – Gracieth Magalhães.  She piled on the sexy with her flag-themed-bikini-with-cape national costume.  If it weren’t for the presence of Miss Gabon, she couldn’ve made more serious inroads into the Top 20.

ARGENTINA – Marisol Aileen Arrillaga.  She projects like a fragile European blonde.  She can be a Top 20 possibility.

AUSTRALIA – Yvonne Amores.  Based on her surname and her features, it seems she probably has Filipino blood in her.  She can make inroads into the Top 20, but unlikely to have the same impact as her predecessor, Angie Miller, er, I mean Esma Voloder.

BELARUS – Kristina Martsinkevich.  I like her–she has a very gorgeous face and long, straight brunette locks.  Wonder why she was absent in the national costume portion of the fashion runway event?

BELGIUM – Ekaterina Sarafanova.  She is one of the stronger representatives fielded by this country as of late in any major international pageant.  She is definitely more than worth your while.

BOLIVIA – Maria Fernanda Rojas.  Her facial features are a tad too angular for my taste but she’s generally polished otherwise.

BRAZIL – Milla Vieira.  This is an exotic ebony looker who can go either way–there would be some parties who would be so into her features while others may think there are other gorgeous ebony goddesses out there.  Wonder if her sash can help make people appreciate her features?

CANADA – Gabriela Clesca.  Here is another polarizing contestant–Global Beauties insiders rated her as a possible crown contender, but I don’t quite get her.  Sure she reminds me of “Milkshake” singer Kelis, but she seems a bit too much for me that I’m not that into her.  But who knows?  The right mix of judges who might dig her in-your-face persona could indeed propel her to the top.

CAPE VERDE – Stephanie Cabral.  She seems a tad serious and a bit blah in terms of projection.

CHILE – Charlotte Molina.  Here is a pretty girl who could be a refreshing possibility for the Top 20.

CHINA – Gu Wei.  In a less competitive year, she could be in serious contention for the Top 20.  But there are fiercer Asians she needs to contend with, but she still remains a refreshing possibility.

COLOMBIA – Marilyn Mora.  This lady has good looks and sex appeal that could make serious inroads in this pageant.  She is a Top 20 possibility in my book.

COSTA RICA – Claudia Gallo.  See BOLIVIA.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Jana Zapletalova.  This lady is one of the strong blondes in this year’s pageant–will there be room for her in the Top 20?



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