DENMARK – Angela Lakocevic.  Her surname indicates she’s not a native Dane but of Slavic descent.  She is a worthwhile contender as I see it.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Britney Ann Bueno.  There are some angles where this mulatta looks more typical Latina, and there are other angles where she projected like a cross between Holly Robinson-Peete and Halle Berry.  If she gets to project like the latter, she can make very serious inroads in the finals.

Holly Robinson-Peete (image sourced from apbspeakers.com)
Halle Berry (image sourced from zimbio.com)

ECUADOR – Martha Romero.  She is very attractive but there are more luminous Latinas out there that it’s a challenge for her to stand out.  But she’s more than a worthwhile contender.

EL SALVADOR – Marcela Solorzano.  In another year, she could be considered a worthwhile contender–but this level of competition, she could only be regarded as middling.

ENGLAND – Zandra Flores.  This Filipina has an exotic appeal that can make serious inroads, and her experience in various Philippine national pageants should pay off in this arena.

EQUATORIAL GUINEA – Maria Begona Andeme Obama.  It’s interesting that she shares the same surname as the President of the United States, and she has a passing resemblance to the First Lady.  If there is room for two Africans, she can pull through and make the Top 20.

US First Lady Michelle Obama (excerpt from the official White House portrait)

ESTONIA – Helena Hanni.  There are some parties who would dig her near-Goth features–she is highly attractive and appealing.  She also displayed superb dancing talent while dancing with her boyfriend to garner third place in the talent competition.

FINLAND – Irina Nefedova.  History lesson:  Finland used to be a part of Russia until it declared independence in 1917.  This lady is originally from Russia but emigrated to this country and is now her adopted home.  She is reported to have a great figure and that could be her ticket to the Top 20.

FRANCE – Manon Lemaure.  She is very good looking, but somehow not making that much of an impact.  Still, I regard her as a worthwhile contender.

GABON – Maggaly Nguema.  This lady exudes a lot of charisma, even more so than her Miss International stint earlier last month.  She is likely to sustain her country’s Top 20 showing in this pageant, with a possibility of even going beyond that.  She made an impact in the talent competition by placing second with her strong singing.

GIBRALTAR – Claire Nunez.  This country is making a debut in this pageant and it is fielding this good looking ingenue.  She is not that highly buzzed about but she is a worthwhile contender.

GREECE – Irina Tsikopoulou.  Her looks are of a mature sort but very attractive–there are some angles where she reminds me of Today Show anchorwoman Natalie Morales.  I have a feeling the judges and powers that be tend to prefer more youthful-looking ladies.

Natalie Morales (image sourced from zimbio.com)

GUADELOUPE – Alison Guiougou.  We’ve seen better looking representatives from this country–her best bet is simply to enjoy her stay in the wintry Polish resort.

HUNGARY – Ivett Szigligeti.  She is very pretty ingenue who can make serious inroads into the finals if she plays her cards right.  A refreshing possibility.


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