ICELAND – Pebbles Jimsdottir.  There is something about her features that makes her look either vapid or ice-queen-cold.  She is good-looking but I have a feeling that she will be overshadowed by other blonde stunners out there.

INDIA – Asha Bhat.  She reminds me of a more model-esque version of ABS-CBN news reporter, Miss Earth 2014 co-host and Miss Philippines-Earth-Air 2006 titlist Ginger Conejero.  She, Thailand, and possibly Indonesia and Myanmar are key obstacles to Yvethe Santiago’s path for a back-to-back win for our country in this pageant.  She seems to be on-track for a Top Five finish.  She was the winner of the talent competition with her polished Bollywood dance.

Talent winners: Estonia (3rd), India (winner), Gabon (2nd) (image courtesy of Leonardo Rodrigues for Global Beauties)
Ginger Conejero (image sourced from mushings.com)

INDONESIA – Estelita Liana.  Well, looks-wise, I’m not that into her, but it is reported she has a radiant personality, and remember that radiant personality was the ticket for the 3rd runner-up finish of her predecessor last year.  Indonesian costumes seems to be making serious inroads in various pageants and this one is no exception–I would not be surprised if she was declared a national costume winner.

IRELAND – Laura Fox.  Her features are a tad angular compared to most of her competitors so it’s not likely she would make serious inroads into the finals.

ITALY – Graziana Ruta.  She’s attractive, but her features are not the sort that would make major inroads in a pageant (or in the modeling world).

JAPAN – Ayaka Wakao.  She is not conventionally pretty, but she has a presence about her that I like.  It was reported that she designed her own kimono–it’s indeed a lovely sight.

KENYA – Julia Njoroge.  She’s attractive, but the Africans I’m having my eye on are Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and Sao Tome & Principe.

KOREA – Minji Kim.  She reminds me of Mitsuyo “Mie” Nemoto of the 1970s Japanese pop duo Pink Lady.  She’s atractive, but there are stronger Asian standouts out there.

Single sleeve for their English language single “Kiss in the Dark”: Pink Lady’s Mitsuyo “Mie” Nemoto and Keiko “Kei” Matsuda.

LEBANON – Daniela Geagea.  She remains as good looking as she was at Miss Earth two years ago, but she is not making as much of an impact in this pageant.  She is still a worthwhile contender, but she is likely to duplicate her Miss Earth 2012 fortunes.

LUXEMBOURG – Michelle Koch.  Last year, her predecessor Heloise Paulmier made the final cut.  Though she is similarly petite, her figure is not as slenderly proportioned as Heloise that is why she is unlikely to duplicate Heloise’s showing.

MALAYSIA – Audrey Loke.  She is better looking than her predecessor, but she is not making as much of a splash, especially as she is overshadowed by at least five Asians.

MAURITIUS – Kelly Celine.  If she weren’t low key, she could make a major impact, possibly even making the Top 20.  Still, a sleeper surprise is still possible.

MEXICO – Natalia Sanchez Diaz.  She is reportedly the tallest girl in this year’s batch–she is good looking also, so she can make the final cut.

MONGOLIA – Enkjin Enkhmaa.  There are angles where she looks plain like in the official portrait, and other angles where she looks good.  A worthwhile debut for this country in this pageant nevertheless.


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