MOROCCO – Chaima Riahi Idrissi.  In real-world terms, she would be considered good looking.  But by pageant/modeling standards, she doesn’t make much of an impact.  Still, it’s a welcome debut for this North African country to this pageant.

MYANMAR- Han Thi.  I think she’s leading the internet votes, as pageant fans from this country has begun to roar as wildly as we Filipinos used to in years past.  Another thing going for her is that she is the one most evoking the vibe of the reigning Miss Supranational Mutya Datul.  Can she duplicate Mutya’s finish?  There are cutthroat Asian contenders ahead…

Miss Supranational 2013 Mutya Datul (image sourced from gulfnews.com)

NETHERLANDS – Cherlyn van Dalm.  I couldn’t quite put a finger on the ethnicity of this dusky reperesentative–is she of Caribbean origin?  Indonesian?  She is good looking, but she is overshadowed by other stunners out there.

NEW ZEALAND – Hayley Haskell.  She has a very slender frame and an awkward, gawky vibe about her.  She’s attractive, but I don’t see her making serious inroads into the finals.

NORTHERN IRELAND – Kay Evon Wallis.  She has a dusky exoticism about her that if she plays her cards right, could make inroads into the Top 20.

NORWAY – Daniella Andersson.  The official portrait made her seem like a youthful ingenue, but as you can see from her costume photo, there are certain angles where she can look a woman twice her age.  She’s not bad looking, but I don’t think she’s in any serious contention for the Top 20.

PANAMA – Alison Mariche.  She looks like a major contender for costume, and she has a killer bod.  But would those qualities be enough for the judges to overlook her rather plain features?

PERU – Ana Maria Villalobos.  There is something about her facial features that I find a bit too severe, but she’s undeniably good looking and could work the stage.  She could be a Top 20 contender.

PHILIPPINES- Yvethe Marie Santiago.  I’ll be very blunt–back at Bb. Pilipinas, I initially found her overrated even as many Filipino pageant fans and pundits heap praises upon her.  I was only won over by her when she strutted the stage during the finals.  At that moment I thought it would be a battle for the prime titles (Universe and International) between her, Kris Tiffany Janson, Pia Wurzbach, and Bianca Guidotti.  Well, Bianca got a prime title despite flubbing her interview, poor Pia was shut out of the royal court and this lady and Kris got the “lesser” titles.  I was so enthralled by her stage performance that I was optimistic she could duplicate Mutya Datul’s feat and generate the much coveted back-to-back victory.

But then we started to see how the competition stacks up and we witness her official portraits.  I unfortunately am not that impressed with her official portrait, but then I thought, she was never photogenic to begin with anyway.  I’m still hopeful she’ll deliver that stage magic, and even if my expectations for a back-to-back has diminished, she can still make serious inroads in the Top 20 and beyond, as long as she cast the same spell as she did at Bb. Pilipinas.  I’m optimistic she can do it.

POLAND – Katarzyna Krzeszowska.  The host delegate does deliver the goods in the looks department, and it is likely a Top Five slot will be reserved for her.  Anyway, it will be well-earned and well-deserved if that is the case.

PORTUGAL – Ana Bomfim.  She has a passing resemblance to comic actress Maya Rudolph, like a Caucasian version of her (Maya, remember, is bi-racial, half-black–daughter of the late “Loving You” singer Minnie Ripperton–and half-Jewish).  It’s not the sort of features appreciated in pageants, but she’s undeniably an attractive contender.

Maya Rudolph (image sourced from splitsider.com)

PUERTO RICO – Barbara Marrero.  This lady has great looks a sparkly persona, and strong stage chops, so it is highly possible she can go as far as the Top Five.

ROMANIA – Elena Zama.  She is one of the stronger contenders fielded by this country in any major international pageant, so prospects for her making the Top 20 are very optimistic.

RWANDA – Neema Umwari.  She is great looking, though a tad low-key.  If she turned the volume up, she can go head-to-head with the likes of Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and Sao Tome & Principe.






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