Unlike the Miss Intercontinental pageant the previous day, the conduct and results of Miss Supranational are well received by the public and the pageant cognoscenti alike.  Sure there are still some Filipino pundits who might grouse the conflict of interest by witnessing the presence of a member of the Philippine pageant camp in the judging panel, and may feel that might be the factor that prevented the Philippines (Yvethe Marie Santiago) from advancing further from the Top 20 to the Top 10, but we need to concede that unlike in Miss Intercontinental, their proteges from Thailand (Parapadsorn “Pia” Disdamrong) and Myanmar (Han Thi) delivered the goods.

I got 13 of the semifinalists right in this edition of the pageant–lower than last year, I have to admit, but at least four of the ones I didn’t get were in my “Bubbling Under” list and the remaining three were in my “Striking Distance” list.  So no total headscratchers made the final cut.  The closest thing to a Ruth Ocumarez awardee for this pageant I will award to Venezuela ( Patricia Lucía Carreño), only for the mere fact that I ranked her in my projected Top 10 and thought she was at least a shoo-in.  I know other pageant fans and pundits may have a different choice for this dubious honor.

Ruth Ocumarez awardee: Venezuela

I am bouncing with joy that I got four of the Top Five right (unlike last year where I only got one–the winner, Mutya Datul).  The one I didn’t get, Gabon (Maggaly Nguema), I may have only pegged her for Top 20 but I was rooting for her to rank higher, and I’m pleased with her 2nd runner-up finish.  I don’t feel too bad for the one person who didn’t actually became Top Five, Puerto Rico (Barbara Marrero) because at least she made the Top 10 and garnered the Continental Queen title for the Americas.

Continental Queen of the Americas: Puerto Rico

The results are welcome, justified, and satisfying.  But I have just one note to state about the presence of a pageant grooming team in the judging panel–having a hand in deciding the results does not make you credible “queen-makers”.  You can earn the respect of pageant fans and pundits if you can afford to detach yourselves from being part of the decision-making process.  It’s a good thing that in this case, their wards have merits and merits prevailed, so I personally will make an exception in this case.

For Miss Supranational as a whole, all I could ever wish for is you continue delivering terrific pageants and continue to remain true to selecting rightful winners.  Congratulations and all hail Miss Supranational 2014, Asha Bhat of India!



The Royal Court: 4th runner-up Poland, 2nd runner-up Gabon, Miss Supranational 2014 India, 1st runner-up Thailand, and 3rd runner-up U S A.

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