YELLOW TEAM.  This team shone the best in Sports, as they have the individual winner and won the team championship.  It also boasts of three Beauty with a Purpose finalists, one Multimedia finalist, two Top Model semifinalists (but no finalist) and one Beach Fashion finalist.  The core alphabets covered by this group is the latter portion of “C”, “E”, “F”, and most of “G”, plus Kenya and Lesotho and again ladies most compatible with those in the set.

CHAD – Tsakadi Djivira.  She missed the auditions for Talent and Sports, and she didn’t make any of the shortlists so she should be most proud of the honor of being the very first representative of her country to this pageant.  UPDATE:  She made the Top Ten of the Popular Vote–wonder if that groundswell will help her make inroads?

COTE D’IVOIRE – Jennifer Yeo.  So far her only distinction is that she is part of the winning team in the Sports challenge event and she won the 60 m sprint and was part of the 4 x 200 m relay.  I bet she only bubbled under the Top Five in Sports.

CURACAO – Gayle Sulvaran.  She’s attractive, but the only challenge event where she made an impact was Beauty with a Purpose, where she was shortlisted for the Top 27.  Other than that, she has not made an impression so it will be an uphill battle for her to make the final cut.

CYPRUS –  Ioánna Filíppou.  She is good-looking, but not making a distinctive impression.  Based on the fact she is not shortlisted anywhere she’ll be regarded as just another pretty face.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Tereza Skoumalová.  She probably bubbled under the Top Five in Sports, as she was part of the winning relay team.  She also made Top 20 in Top Model and Top 15 in Talent.  She can possibly figure in the leaderboard and possibly end up in the overall Top 20.

ECUADOR – Virginia Limongi Silva.  There are people who would appreciate her patrician features, but apparently not really making an impression with the powers that be.  So far she only got shortlisted in Sports.

EGYPT – Amina Ashraf.  She is good looking and seems to have a vibrant personality, but apparently has not made an indelible impression with the powers-that-be.  So she’s ending up as just another pretty face.

EL SALVADOR – Larissa Mariana Vega.  She reminds me of Cheers actress Bebe Neuwirth, who played Frasier’s ex-wife Lilith, infused with dashes of the reigning Miss World Megan Young.  She figured as a member of the winning team in Sports, but she has not made any splashes since then.

Bebe Neuwirth as Dr. Lilith Crane (still courtesy of NBC)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA – Agnes Cheba Ade.  She has a dignified stance, but I find her features a tad too plain.  Still she deserves credit for presenting herself in a polished manner.

ETHIOPIA – Yirgalem Hadish Adhanom.  I think just like Miss Philippines, she probably missed the Top Model shortlist by a small margin.  She has not figured in a challenge event since then, so she’ll be regarded simply as just another pretty face.

FIJI – Charlotte Tafuna’i.  She looks plain and less-than-polished, but at least she was part of the 27 shortlisted for Beauty with a Purpose.

FINLAND – Krista Haapalainen.  She won the Sports challenge event, so she is poised to bring forth her country’s best showing in over a decade.  Could her win help her solidify her standing in the Top 20?

FRANCE – Flora Coquerel.  She was regarded as an early favorite amongst pageant fans and pundits, but as the weeks wore on, it is unlikely she will duplicate the first runner-up finish of her predecessor, Marine Lorphelin.  She only figured in one challenge event, a Top 20 placement in Top Model.

GABON – Jessie Lekery Mata.  I like her, but she has not figured in any of the challenge events.  I’ll include her among my candidates for the Holly Carpenter Award.

GEORGIA – Ana Zubashvili.  She stood out with her curls, though her presence seems a tad raw.  However, there is another curly-tressed lady making much more significant inroads–Serbia.


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