BLUE TEAM.  This team features the lady who is deemed the favorite to win it all, and a few possible crown usurpers.  They seem to have a monopoly for Talent, as four of the Top Five are from this team.  They also have one Top Model finalist (plus seven others who made the Top 20), one Multimedia finalist, two Beach Fashion finalists, and one Beauty with a Purpose finalist.  In general, this group features the countries with letters N to Z, if they weren’t absorbed in the other teams.  Though oddly, one “A” country is in this group, namely…

AUSTRALIA – Courtney Thorpe.  I suppose she is part of this group so she can be roomies with New Zealand.  She made Top Five in Top Model and Top 32 in Sports.  Perhaps she’s also bubbling under in Beach Fashion so she can possibly secure a place in the Top Ten.

MYANMAR – Wyne Lay.  She’s actually good looking, but has not figured in any of the challenge events.  She’s one of my candidates for the Holly Carpenter Award.

NAMIBIA – Brumhilda Ochs.  She has the elegant stance worthy of belonging in a Top Model shortlist, and she indeed was shortlisted there.

NEPAL – Subin Limbu.  Her only prospects would’ve been if she made the shortlist in the “homely” challenge events of Talent, Sports, Multimedia, or Beauty with a Purpose, but she didn’t seem to figure in any of them (unless she bubbled under in at least Multimedia).  Her hopes of making the final cut would hinge on the Popular Vote as she’s part of the Top 10.

NEW ZEALAND – Arielle Garciano.  This lady of Filipino descent is not that polished, but she’s attractive.  She didn’t make any impression in any challenge event so her best prospect is simply to enjoy her stay in London.

NORTHERN IRELAND – Rebekah Shirley.  She is arguably the best looking lass amongst the contestants from the British Isles, but the only event she made a splash in was in Sports.

NORWAY – Monika Pedersen.  In real-world terms she would be considered a babe, but she seems rather raw in pageant terms.  At least she made her mark by being part of the Top 32 in Sports.

PARAGUAY – Myriam Arevalos.  She made the shortlist in Sports and Talent, relatively “homely” shortlists.   She is actually attractive, with her typical Latina look (dark ebony hair in contrast to light skin and features which are not Caucasian).

PERU – Sofia Rivera.  She looks like a fair-skinned ingenue.  She could be a possible candidate for the Holly Carpenter award as she has not figured in any challenge event.

POLAND – Ada Sztajerowska.  Her “Drusilla” features are apparently not to the liking of the Miss World powers-that-be, that is why she has not made the shortlist in any challenge event.  She is another Holly Carpenter Award contender.

PUERTO RICO – Génesis Dávila.  There are pageant fans and pundits who hyped her as a possible front-runner, but as the proceedings wore on, she seemed to fizzle in buzz, only figuring in the Top Model shortlist.  It’s still possible she has scored high enough to sustain a Top 20 placement even with this placement alone.

RUSSIA – Anastasia Kostenko.  She was not the winner of the Miss Russia pageant, but only the 2nd runner-up, but still she is the right choice to compete in this pageant as she shone with her gorgeous looks and other sterling qualities.  It’s not surprising she made Top 20 in Top Model (possibly even a Top 10 contender), but she also made a splash in Talent as with her ballet skills she is among the Top Five in that event.  She could be a possible Top Ten contender.

SCOTLAND – Ellie McKeating.  I think the fact that her train has tartan patterns made the judges give her 2nd place in the World Dress Designer award.  She is a possible Talent winner with her Gaelic singing and she made the Top Model shortlist.  She looks like a lock for the Top 20, and possibly the Top 10.

SEYCHELLES – Camila Estico.  I find her good-looking, but the only challenge event we know she figured in was Talent.  I don’t know if that will be enough to secure her a Top 20 placement.




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