The 27 Candidates (Image courtesy of Dennis Natividad)

The Eclipse Bar at Solaire Resort provided a luxe backdrop for the Press Presentation of Miss World Philippine 2015.  Despite Julia Morley’s directive that Miss World will be eliminating the swimsuit competition for the pageant in Sanya, China later this December, due to sponsors’ and the local public’s clamor, the 27 candidates were presented in pink swimsuits during this event.

The local pageant fans and pundits’ focus was mainly on two big favorites, heralded as the standard bearers for their respective beauty camps.  Both, to their credit, delivered on their status as the big favorites.  From Kagandahang Flores there was the striking looker Candidate No. 12, Emma Mary Tiglao.   From Aces & Queens, Candidate No. 27, Hillarie Danielle Parungao showcased star charisma fusing the bubbly charm of Miss World 2013 Megan Young with the more native vibe of Miss Universe 2011 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup.

Tiglao vs Parungao
Top Favorites: Emma Mary Tiglao (L) and Hillarie Danielle Parungao (R)

But the sterling positions of these two ladies are not 100% assured, as there are some possible upset choices to consider.  Three ladies who gave strong impressions in the event were Candidate No. 14, Ma. Cassandra Naidas, Candidate No. 17, Jessica Rose McEwen, and Candidate No. 24, Jeddahliz Maltezo.  If the two big favorites somehow fell by the wayside, these ladies seemed poised and ready to take over.

Naidas, McEwen and Maltezo
Overall standouts: Ma. Cassandra Naidas (L), Jessica Rose McEwen (C), and Jeddahliz Maltiezo (R)

I’d like to put a special note for Candidate No. 19, Diana Pinto.  In my opinion, she actually has gorgeous good looks and a slim, model’s figure to make a huge splash.  However, she obviously doesn’t know how to harness her potential at this point as evidenced by her extremely weak catwalk.  With the right training, she can go places.  In many European countries, they tend to choose the “raw” but pretty ingenue and if they were here, she might be the one they would choose as the winner.


There are a host of pretty faces to keep a close eye on.  For me, besides the top standouts the prettiest ones include Candidate No. 1, Ma. Vanessa Wright, Candidate No. 9, Mona Mahmound Hammad, and Candidate No. 21, Mia Allyson Howell.

Wright, Hammad, and Howell
Pretty faces: Ma. Vanessa Wright (L), Mona Mahmound Hammad (C), and Mia Allyson Howell (R)

I don’t know how much weight will be placed on figure this year, but it seems at least for this national search it will still count, so thouse who have the trimmest figures include Candidate No. 8, Kiaragiel Gregorio, Candidate No. 10, Tweena Pangulayan, and Candidate No. 20, Mariah Nilo.

Gregorio, Pangulayan, and Nilo
Trimmest Figures: Kiaragiel Gregorio (L), Tweena Pangulayan (C), and Mariah Nilo (R)

All images courtesy of Rob Reyes for Rappler.com unless otherwise indicated.

Though I cited the above as standouts in my reckoning, it’s still early in the game and it’s highly possible that the others who bubbled under may suddenly rise above the surface and make a major impact as the activities wear on.  It will be interesting to watch if the early favorites would be able to maintain a tight hold of their lofty perch, or would they be usurped by up-and-comers.  Whatever the case, best of luck to all the ladies!




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