I rarely post on this blog because of a favor–this will only be the second instance that I’m doing this kind of thing, but this is something I’m more than happy to get behind with because this lady is deserving of support.

So I’m posting the press release from CQGQ exhorting everyone to follow our rep, Miss World 2015 Philippines Hillarie Danielle Parungao in her journey for Miss World.  Read the press release below:

And Hillarie has been delivering some pretty worthwhile content thus far, like her introduction video below, and a video of her doing ab exercises with a medicine ball.  Please visit her official Facebook page for those and other great stuff.   Looking forward to more material from her.

Now, a special bonus–Hillarie also played a leading role in Fil-Canadian YouTube vlogger Mikey Bustos’ parody video to Omi’s summer smash “Cheerleader”, entitled “Big Eater”.  Now, take note for those nuance-impaired, especially if they see the punchline at the video’s end–remember that Hillarie is playing a role (and she played it well).

So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s rally behind Hillarie and help her shine in Sanya!




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