The delegates in this list are consistently strong performers–some even exceeded pageant fans and pundits’expectations.  All in this list delivered polished presentations on stage and performed at the best of their abilities.  Without further ado let’s pay tribute to them starting with…

CANADA – Kathryn Kohut.  She previously garnered 2nd runner-up at Miss Grand International last year.  Though I did not expect her to duplicate that finish, she was indeed a force worth reckonng onstage.


DENMARK – Mette Riis Sørensen.  I noticed a lot of photos taken of her prior to the finals that I pondered–could she be the “new Finland”?  I suppose if her sash said “Finland”, she could’ve become a runner-up.  But since it didn’t, I suppose the Japanese panel would just give her the equivalent of a “pat-on-the-back”and not much else.


ECUADOR – Daniela Armijos.  She was not that buzzed about, but neither could one find fault with any of her qualities, including the way she performed onstage.


FINLAND – Saara Ahlberg.  We all know a reasonably attractive Finnish blonde is great catnip for this pageant, but a Finnish brunette once also earned runner-up honors 12 years ago, with Suvi Hartlin’s 2nd runner-up finish.  I thought this lady had the potential to be like Suvi, but well, she was commendably solid onstage, but the judges simply had their eyes on stronger performers that night.


Miss International 2003 court: 1st runner-up India (Shonali Nagrani), Miss International 2003 Venezuela (Goizeder Azua) and 2nd runner-up Finland (Suvi Hartlin)

ITALY – Valentina Paganotto.  Going into the finals, thee were some pageant fans and pundits who found her plain, but she surprisingly looked great onstage and she was very polished.  She delivered something worthwhile that she deserved to be taken more seriously.


MACAU – Ana Choi.  Many pageant fans and pundits were hoping for a breakthrough for this Chinese autonomous territory, but though she fought a good fight, it wasn’t meant to be.  What prevented her from hitting stratified levels was that she sported a one-piece swimsuit and her gown is solid but not as eye-catching as others.  At least she has the consolation of being co-winner of the “Miss Panasonic Beauty” sponsor’s award.


MAURITIUS – Anoushka Ah Keng.  Just like Miss Italy, her stage presentation was much stronger than most pundits expected–sure not really at Italy’s level, but still something worth noting.


MOLDOVA – Anastasia Fotachi.  She was like a cross between a refreshing ingenue and a Victoria’s Secret fashion model.  She has that mix of innocence and sex appeal that is surprisingly a delight to behold onstage.  Sure her orange gown with 3/4 sleeves was too simple for comfort but she carried it pretty well.


NEPAL – Medha Koirala.  Here is another one of the refreshingly worthwhile stage performers from a less-heralded pageant country.  Nothing to really fault about her performance at all, except of course it’s a tad short of stratified levels.


NEW ZEALAND – Hayley Rose Coombe.  Almost everyone raved about her gorgeous face, and I even listed her in my Top 15.  She was refreshingly solid all throughout, but again the only issue is that she’s simply overshadowed by stunning dynamos out there.


PARAGUAY – Mónica Mariani Pascualoto.  She is not conventionally pretty (I find her face a tad angular) but it cannot be denied she made the most of what she had and her stage performance was faultless.


PERU – Cynthia Lucia Toth Montoro.  With Miss Russia, she was co-winner of the “Miss Global Blue” sponsor’s award.  There is also nothing to really fault about her performance except that of course simply others were stronger.


TURKEY – Berfu Yıldız.  She’s another delegate who didn’t generate much buzz who deserve better notice.  She’s good looking, she has a great figure, and she has good stage presence.  Her presentation may just be a tad too simple which may cause her to be to be overshadowed by the stellar performers out there.


UKRAINE – Nina Goryniuk.  She’s a pretty lady who also didn’t get much buzz and attention, but her performance onstage was consistently solid throughout–even arguably better than Mz. Russia and Belarus who got heavier buzz going into the finals.


All images courtesy of Stephen Diaz for Missosology unless otherwise indicated.



There are certain delegates who most pageant fans and pundits would regard as cellar-dwellers, but turned out to be pleasant surprises.  They may not be in contention for the Top Ten, but had delivered creditable performances.

GUADELOUPE – Juliette Alimanda.  Many pageant fans and pundits thought her features may be too exotic for Japanese tastes, but one must give her credit for her trim figure and solid stage chops.


GUAM – Loriann Rabe.  Her key strategy to make an impact?  Bare as much skin as possible while remaining “family-friendly”.  This is exhibited by her coconuts-for-bra costume, her string bikini during the swimsuit round, and finally in the gown round where she sported a blue long-sleeved gown with a plunging neckline.  To her credit, she presented herself in a way that isn’t vulgar that she got away with it.


NICARAGUA – Yaoska Ruiz.  Her face is one of the plainest in this year’s competition, but her buffed figure and polished stage chops could not be denied.


NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS – Jian Joyner.  Like Miss Belgium her normal appearance was with frizzy hair, but she tamed it for the finals.  She also has an edge over Miss Belgium with a trimmer figure and more polished stage chops.


There are two ladies who didn’t receive much buzz–they are generally very solid performers, but neither were they ever in serious contention to make the final cut. Both are reasonably attractive, have trim-enough figures, and are solid onstage, but clearly they are overshadowed by more sterling and stronger contenders out there.  They are…

BOLIVIA – Alejandra Panozo.  See paragraph above…


HAITI – Marie Vyannie Manard.  See paragraph above…


There are a whole host of delegates who were highly regarded by pageant fans and pundits but when it came to the main pageant finals, just fell short for one reason or another.

BELARUS – Alena Savchuk.  She is a great looking lady, but there is something about the vibe she projected during the finals that seem rather bimbo-ish, that is why I felt she’s a let-down.  Her busy burgandy-and-black satin evening gown didn’t help bolster her cause.


COSTA RICA – Melania Gonzalez.  Prior to the finals this experienced pageant veteran seemed like a worthwhile sleeper possibility, but she was dragged down by her tacky gold evening gown.


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Irina Peguero.  Did Missosology forgot to upload her finals swimsuit photo?  I think the key reason was her swimsuit presentation featured a twirl, which would work if it weren’t for the fact that it doesn’t match the background music (or muzak like in this case).  She should’ve kept it simple as she has a good figure.  Her gown presentation was the key letdown–not only was it a store-bought blue-green satin frock, but her catwalk was rather awkward as she had to lift her skirt as she navigated the stairs..


FRANCE – Charlotte Pirroni.  She undeniably has a gorgeous face.  But unlike her predecessor, who won “Miss Perfect Body” in this pageant last year, her figure turned out to be disappointingly sub-par.  Her evening gown was also rather ordinary and not haute couture, hence she was out of the running.


GIBRALTAR – Bianca Pisharello.  I love her face, and was rooting for her to become a sleeper hit.  But her figure was a bit too voluptuous for this pageant (and the Japanese do prefer the trim and slender types), and with that there was no way for her to make inroads like Jamielee Randall two years ago.


MALAYSIA – Immaculate Lojuki.  She is not conventionally pretty, but there was a vibe she projected in photos prior to the pageant finals that I like.  In fact, I see a passing resemblance to former MTV Asia VJ and Miss World presenter Angela Chow.  But during the finals, she didn’t have any kind of spark, that I briefly considered relegating her to the first tier.  But I stil felt she had enough merits that I decided to put her in this list instead.


Angela Chow (image sourced from Zimbio.com)

NETHERLANDS – Rachel Van Den Meulen.  Many pageant fans and pundits felt she could be a Top Ten contender, but in my opinion during finals night, she projected a bit too pageant patty and her off-the-rack orange satin evening gown simply lacks oomph and has no “wow factor”.   Interesting note:  is her costume and evening gown one and the same outfit?


RUSSIA – Valeria Kufterina.  She was a co-winne of the “Miss Global Blue” sponsor’s special award prior to the finals.  I also thought she looked in contention of making the final cut at that time.  But during the finals, I was let down–sure, toned-down makeup is usually better, but somehow this made her looked plain and washed out.  He face was also distractingly too shiny for comfort.  One of my biggest disappointments in this list.


SLOVAKIA – Barbora Bakošová.  Many pageant fans and pundits list her as a sleeper possibility but as solid as she generally was during finals night, she simply lacked spark, hence I put her in this list.


ZAMBIA – Brandina Lubuli.  Several pageant fans and pundits rated her as the “African-most-likely” but I knew most attention went to her more striking, vibrant, shaven-headed counterpart.  I was at least expecting a worthwhile performance from her, but I discovered she’s the front-runner for this pageant’s “Flapper Award” and her narrow hips just didn’t help mattes.  Her gown presentation likewise did not generate much impact, hence in my reckoning she belongs in this list.


All images courtesy of Stephen Diaz for Missosology unless otherwise indicated.