I find it very interesting that the final results for Mister International 2015 both generate a highly welcomed outcome, but also generated some shocking almost unwelcome twists along the way.  Getting 12 of the Top 15, eight of the Top Ten, and three of the Final Five should be reason enough to feel good about your predictions, but there was still that gnawing feeling that some worthier choices were given short shrift.

Let us start with the “surprises”.  I put Sweden (Ivan Djelevic) and Korea (Sang Jin Lee) in my “striking distance” list.  In many ways both of them are pleasant surprises and I don’t really object to them making the Top 15. It can also be justified that perhaps the judges this time were in the mood for the buffed beefy physiques they both possess.  But one of them going way beyond that?  I’ll express my opinion on that when I post my full-fledged review after I’m done with the homestretch reviews for Miss Supranational and Miss Earth.

Surprise No. 1: Sweden (Marko Djelevic) (image courtesy of
Surprise No. 2: Korea (Sang Jin Lee) (image courtesy of

So who won the Lucas Malvacini award?  There were a lot of pageant fans and pundits who were all agog about Italy (Andrea Luceri)–I wasn’t wholly drinking his Kool-Aid like many of them, but I did think he would make the Top Ten.  But I also half expected the possibility that he could miss the cut as his communication skills are a bit suspect–albeit he’s undeniably a scruffily boyish charmer.

Lucas Malvacini awardee: Italy (Andrea Luceri) (image courtesy of

I was slightly upset on two favorites who at least made the semifinals, but who I felt deserved to rank higher than what they ended up with.  I’ll discuss that further in my full-fledged review.

Prior to the announcement of winners, the hosts read out a long litany of sponsors and other people they seemed to be obliged to thank  Two-thirds into the recitation, onstage Australia (Chris Nayna) felt a bit woozy and fainted.  Fortunately with the camaraderie that developed amongst the candidates, some held him upright until they assisted him to recuperate backstage.  Fortunately, after the final results were announced he emerged from backstage to join the rest of the candidates to warmly cheer with the victor.

Fainting Spell: Australia (Chris Nayna) being propped upright and whisked to safety backstage by his fellow candidates, espeically Bolivia (Rodrigo Arze) and Costa Rica (Richard Coronado Robles) (image courtesy of Zhe for Events2Images)

The Top Two were well received by almost everyone, even if based on the final Q&A it was assumed Brazil (Anderson Tomazini) was poised to take it all.  Despite not delivering the best answer, the new Mister International Switzerland (Pedro Mendes) is such a dreamboat that his victory was deemed satisfying.  I respect the results and I should say congratulations Pedro for a job well done!



Luso boys dominate: 1st runner-up Brazil (Anderson Tomazini) and Mister International 2015 Switzerland (Pedro Mendes)
A photo with the eventual Mister International during Gala / Auction Night