DENMARK – Mia Laursen. She’s good looking but there are other Europeans that are garnering stronger buzz.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Jade Restituyo.  She was shortlisted both in costume and is Top Three in Top Model.  She seems to have an inside track into the finals.

ECUADOR – Maria Emilia Cevallos.  She has the key attributes to fit the fairy-tale Snow White mold:  ebony hair, white complexion, and bright red lips.  But in terms of looks, albeit she is good looking, she is clearly not “the fairest of them all”.

EGYPT – Perihan Fateen.  She’s good looking but doesn’t seem to have a polished presence so she can only be an underrated gem.

EL SALVADOR – Veronica Olivares.  We tend to associate this country with raw unpolished ladies, but this is one of those exceptions as she’s attractive and seems to be a worthwhile contender.

ENGLAND – Emily Coral.  Her face may be a tad plain but this blonde has a trim and slim swimsuit figure showcased with aplomb in national costume (a bejeweled swimsuit with red-and-white wings).  She got shortlisted in national costume.

EQUATORIAL GUINEA – Maria Antonia Nach.  She has a nice bubbly vibe about her and that vibe is especially reflected in her national costume that she got shortlisted in that round.

ESTONIA – Madli Vilsar.  She previously saw action in Miss Universe four years ago.  She was an attractive brunette who proved to be a pleasant surprise at that time–as in contrast to her raw pre-arrival photos she polished and finessed her act in Sao Paulo.  It seems she went into more polishing since then as she now emerges as a fetching blonde.  She wasn’t shortlisted thus far, but she has been garnering great compliments.  She won a sponsor’s prize as Miss Moto Show.

FRANCE – Aurelie Jager.  As much as we would like to send sympathies her way after the terrorist attacks in Paris, well, she’s just too plain to be in serious contention.

GABON – Sindely Obone.  She’s good looking, but she doesn’t have the charisma of her predecessor, Miss Supranational 2014 2nd Runner-Up Maggaly Nguema.  The African slot will go to someone else this year.

GEORGIA – Mariam Gelashvili.  She seems raw and has eyebags to boot, but otherwise she has a pretty face.

GERMANY – Johanna Acs.  She was cited as one of the 10 “Women of Substance” by Global Beauties, and her extensive pageant experience starting from International 2010 and Grand International 2014 (among many others) would serve her well here–could she make the final cut this time?

GHANA – Charlee Esi Bekoe Berbicks.  It’s quite odd that she sported a wig and wore a non-African costume during the national costume competition.  It’s as if she’s two different people as she alternates between showcasing her frizzy locks, or hiding them underneath a flowy mane of a wig.

GIBRALTAR – Natalia Núñez.  She’s a worthwhile contender.  It seems since Kaiane Aldorino’s Miss World win, this country has been fielding above-average contenders worth noticing.

GUADELOUPE – Ludmila Josephine.  She possessed an exoticism that is turning out to be appealing to the Polish judges, especially as she made the shortlist in swimsuit.

HONG KONG – Sharon Yeung.  She is a worthwhile contender–she qualifies as attractive at the very least.

HUNGARY – Valentina Toth.  She didn’t quite make any shortlist but I would not count her out as I think she has the good looks and stage polish to make the Top 20.


All costume, swimsuit, and evening gown images courtesy of Leonardo Rodrigues forGlobal Beauties and all Top Model photos courtesy of Miss Supranational Official / Milton Mieloch and Tomasz Mosionek unless otherwise indicated.

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