MEXICO – Karina Martin.  She only made one shortlist thus far–Top Model, but she has gorgeous features. Would that offset her less-than-trim swimsuit figure?

MOROCCO – Kawtai Riahi Idrissi.  She is attractive, albeit less-than-polished.  She makes a good impression, though.

MYANMAR – L Bawk Nu.  It seems she’s the Asian-most-likely besides India this year, as she won in Best in Evening Gown and is regarded as Top Three in interview by Global Beauties.

NETHERLANDS – Kanita Karisik.  Her leg-to-torso proportions are not ideal (it’s the proportions of a short girl) but she has a pretty face.

NEW ZEALAND – Sophie Robinson.  She has a good figure, but she’s rather plain and raw.

NIGERIA – Stephanie Omogun.  Her looks are on the “exotic” side that can win over some people but polarize others.

NORTHERN IRELAND – Lisa Hogan.  Her nose made her features a tad angular, but there are some angles where she looks attractive.

NORWAY – Sonia Singh.  It’s rare to find someone of Indian descent representing a Scandinavian country.  Like Northern Ireland, there are some unflattering angles where she looks plain and other angles where she looks good.

PANAMA – Angie Keith.  I am impressed with her explosive pink national costume, though she wasn’t among the 10 shortlisted.  She made the Top Ten in Top Model and is the winner of Best Body.  I may quibble about the size of her mouth (it sometimes overwhelm her face) but for most part she seems to be one of the big front-runners.

PARAGUAY – Stephanie Vasquez Stegman.  This lady made it in three shortlists:  National Costume, Top Model, and Best Body.  She could be another possible front-runner.

PERU – Lorena Larriviere.  Following two formidable Latinas, this lady looked plain and dowdy in comparison.

PHILIPPINES – Rogelie Catacutan.  She is putting up a good fight, and she might outperform Yvethe Marie Santiago’s Top 20 finish last year.  I think like Panama, her pretty costume probably missed the cut by a few slivers, and ditto in the Best Body round.  She made the Top Ten in Top Model and Top Three in Evening Gown (with a sexy low-cut black number).

POLAND – Ada Sztajerowska.  She might be a bit too uncomfortably model-thin, but she has the good looks to assure a placement for the host country (and pageant proponent).

PORTUGAL – Ines Brusselmans.  This blonde’s attractive but raw.

PUERTO RICO – Nobiraida Infante.  Here’s another exotic look that may polarize fans and pundits–some would like it, others may find her features a tad sharp.

ROMANIA – Eliza Ancău.  She is one of the better ladies I see representing this country, as she’s one of the prettiest Romanians I’ve seen.  She is also noted for her huge mass of hair.  If she style her hair right, she can be in serious contention for the Top 20.

RUSSIA – Anna Grishina.  She exudes that pretty ingenue vibe that several young Russian beauty queens possess.  She can be a Top 20 possibility.

All costume, swimsuit, and evening gown images courtesy of Leonardo Rodrigues forGlobal Beauties and all Top Model photos courtesy of Miss Supranational Official / Milton Mieloch and Tomasz Mosionek unless otherwise indicated.


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