This is the second time Miss Earth is being staged outside of the Philippines, and it is to commemorate its 15th edition (or Crystal Year).  And this time it’s very far outside of the Asian continent as it’s held in the European country of Austria.  There was unsavory speculation that Carousel Productions was relinquishing control of the pageant it created that is why it allowed it to be handled by Austrian organizers, but that speculation was dispelled as the Carousel officers were in full force in Austria midway through the pageant proceedings.  There was also a bit of controversy as one candidate decided to insist on carrying the sash that contains her country’s unrecognized official name instead of the internationally accepted name (to appease a global superpower with claims to this nation):

TAIWAN R.O.C. / CHINESE TAIPEI – Ting Wen Yin.  This lady made a big fuss that she will refuse to wear the “Chinese Taipei” sash for more public events to accommodate potential objections from mainland China, that as a result she was disqualified and sent home.  After being ejected out of the contents she issued complaints about accommodations and food.  You might wonder–is she making a principled stance regarding her country’s name?  And are her complaints legitimate?  Pageant supporters noted that the other candidates don’t have similar complaints about food and accommodations, and  there was speculation that she’s stirring up controversy under the command of her national director, who reportedly was in cahoots with the proponents of a rival up-and-coming international pageant that had been deadset in discrediting this pageant.  Of course none of this has been proven at this point, but it does cast doubt on her motives.

Due to whiplash following Miss Supranational at the same time (with Miss World and now Miss Universe also ongoing), I’ll keep my review generally brief.  I normally would be organizing my review of the contenstants according to groups, but I only learned aobut the groups just two days before the finals and I don’t have the time and energy to reorganize my review to take groupings into account.  Without further ado, I’ll do my review in strict alphabetical order startng with…

ARGENTINA – Julieta Fernandez.  She seems to be good looking but her region, Latin America, seems to be the most competitive region in ths pageant rWould there be room for her?

With Slovak Republic (R) at the Evening Gown competition.

ARMENIA – Lilit Martirosyan.  Her features are a tad angular for my taste but there are also more flattering features of her.

ARUBA – Kimberly Wever.  She seems to be only middle-of-the-road for me.

AUSTRALIA – Dayanna Grageda.  She was supposed to compete last year, but due to political machinations of her national organization, she was stripped of her title and sent another lady instead.  She appealed her dethronement by meeting directly with Carousel Productions in the Philippines and a compromise was reached–she gets to see action in this edition of this pageant.  She could be considered as a worthwhile contender.

AUSTRIA – Sophie Totzauer.  In a more competitive year, it would be a struggle for this lady to make the final cut. But being the host delegate on top of being attractive enough and possessing a trim figure, she seems to be a semifinalist shoo-in.  It seems to be tradition that the host country gets darling of the press–remember that for the past few years when “medal’ events are implemented the Philippines tend to win this?

BAHAMAS – Daronique Young.  She is generally polished, thanks to her stint at Miss World 2012, and her ebony complexion could be deemed exotic enough to appeal to the Austrians.

BELGIUM – Elizabeth Dwomoh.  Her name obviously refers to African origins.  A middle-of-the-road contender for mre.

BELIZE – Christine Syme.  See ARUBA but less polished.

BOLIVIA – Vinka Nemer.  Lookswise she’s one of the better looking ones but she has not yet figured in the medal tally thus far.  Till, do not totally count her out.

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – Adna Obradovic.  She’s not as polished as her predecessors, but she’s good looking.

BRAZIL – Thiessa Sickert.  She only has a single bronze medal to speak of but it’s in the more highly regarded swimsuit competition event.  This country is a big powershouse in this pageant, and although she pales a bit to her more illustrious predecessors, she can still make a great impression and make the final cut.

CANADA – Tatiana Maranhao.  Just like Bolivia, she has not made the medal tally but is one of the better looking delegates in this batch.

CHILE – Natividad Leiva.  Here is another fierce South American who garnered gold for her group in evening gown and bronze in cocktail wear.  She is one of many with an inside track into the finals.

CHINA – Serena Pan.  She’s good looking and polished.  A semifinalist possibility.



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