C0LOMBIA – Estefania Muñoz.  She may have only won two medals, but they were a gold in swimsuit and a silver in evening gown, and with her overall gorgeousness, she seems to be on-track to at least garnering an element–a feat this country has never achieved thus far.

D.R. CONGO – Christelle Lohembe.  Her exotic ebony features may make her as one to consider as a probably semifinalist.  She garnered a bronze in national costume and a silver in friend thus far.

COSTA RICA – Andrea Rojas.  She could be considered one of the ones most likely to make the cut in this batch as she’s a generally polished contender.

CRIMEA –  Daria Zeleneva.  This lady is a worthwhile contender with a pretty face and dewy complexion.

CROATIA –  Ana-Marija Jurisic.  She garnered two medals in the non-looks-oriented activities of tree planting and in a team snow building event.  Otherwise, I think she’s a middling contender.

CYPRUS – Marcella Marina Constantinou.  She seems attractive but raw.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Karolina Malisova.  Her only medal was a gold in the team snowman building competition, but she has the looks to have one of the inside track into the finals.

DENMARK – Turið Elinborgardóttir.  This lady’s name sound (and spells)Icelandic.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Alexandra Elizabeth Parker Lebron.  She’s attractive and garnered a silver in cocktail wear plus a bronze in the team snowman building event.

ECUADOR – Angela Bonilla.  She’s a silver medalist in cocktail wear.  She has the prettiness and the trim figure to have an inside track in making the Top 16.

EGYPT – Imaj Ahmed Hassan.  She’s an attractive ingenue

EL SALVADOR – Pamela Valdivieso.  She’s clearly raw with a less than trim figure (worsened by her hoochie-fied styling in the swimsuit event).

ENGLAND – Katrina Kendall.  She’s a bit plain and not so polished.

FIJI – Shyla Angela Prasad.  She’s a tad raw and her figure less than buffed, but she seems committed to the cause as she got cited for most cheerful in a tree planting activity.


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