FRANCE – Allysa Wurtz.  She’s a pretty lady, but doesn’t really generate a charismatic spark.

GERMANY – Melanie Sofia Bauer.   She got a silver medal as darling of the press.  But she also has the figure and good looks to be a semifinals possibility.

GHANA – Silvia Naa Morkor Commodore.  She won silver medals for tree planting and for her national costume, but what made my eye pop was her very provocative and revealing swimsuit.

GUADELOUPE – Anais Localmontie.  She’s a pretty mulatta lady who may not have garnered a medal but could still be in the running.

GUAM –  Skye Celine Baker.  Based on the Press Presentation photo I fretted that she may have the bulkiest, least tight figure of this group.  But somehow her swimsuit photo is not as bad as I expected.

GUATEMALA – Sara Guerrero.  She garnered a tie for the most medals with four, with two golds for national costume and cocktail wear, a silvers for swimsuit and a bronze for talent.  Personally I don’t find her features topnotch, but it seems the powers that be found favor with her so she can be on track for an element.

HONDURAS – Nadia Morales.  She’s of the “exotic” sort–who knows maybe she could score well with the Austrians.

HUNGARY – Dorina Agnes Lepp.  She garnered a bronze for her national costume.  She’s a pretty blonde ingenue who can generate positive notices.

INDIA – Aaital Khosla.  She garnered controversy over her Eco-beauty video as it seemed to highlight Nepal instead of her own country, but she issued the requisite apology.  She seems inconsistent, looking good in some angles and plain in others.

INDONESIA – Belinda Pritasari.  She seems to have a sparkle about her, but she has not garnered any medal.  Maybe she’ll be a worthwhile contender at most.

IRELAND – Joelle Curoe.  She’s probably the strongest representative fielded by this country in this pageant.  She surprisingly has a buffed figure and she is good looking.  She garnered a bronze for her national costume.

ISRAEL – Shams Touraani.  There is a prettiness and an awkwardness about her.  She has not been receiving much buzz.

ITALY – Aurora Pianegonda.  She has a slender ingenue vibe about her.  She’s slightly raw but more attractive than most of the delegates in this pageant.

JAPAN – Ayano Yamada.  She may not have garnered a medal but she’s got a polished vibe that she looks to still be in contention.

KENYA – Linda Gatere.  She’s a tad raw that she has not garnered much notice.



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