KOREA – Han Ho-jeong.  She’s cute but she has an awkward vibe about her.

KOSOVO – Katrina Neziri.  Her resemblance to actress Angelina Jolie helps give her serious inroads into the Top 15.  She made a striking impression in evening gown, earning her a bronze medal.

LEBANON – Joudy Hennawi.  She’s pretty, but her figure might be a tad hefty by today’s pageant standards.

MALAYSIA – Danielle Wong.  She won a gold in national costume and a silver in the team snowman-building event.  Her face may be plain, but she has an enviable slender figure.

MALTA – Alexia Fenech.  She has a pretty face and her figure is trim, so she can be a semifinals possibility.

MAURITIUS – Katia Moochooram.  She seems a solid contender overall, although she has not garnered a medal.

MEXICO – Gladys Flores.  She may not have garnered a medal but her pretty face could not be denied.

MONGOLIA – Bayartsetseg Altangerel.  People were abuzz about her for her eco-beauty video as it was the most striking and best-produced of them all.  She may not be as pretty as her predecessor (who made the Top Eight last year in this pageant, and three years before that became 2nd runner-up at Miss International) but it seems she’s one of the big favorites to garner an element and perhaps win it all.  She garnered two golds by being Miss Photogenic and leading the evening gown in her group, plus a bronze for cocktail wear.

MYANMAR – Eaint Myat Chal.  She seems polished but her beauty is not of the conventional sort.

NEPAL – Dibyata Vaidya.  She’s elegant attractive, and trim.  But will these be enough for her to make the final cut?

NETHERLANDS – Leena Asarfi.  She earned a gold for her floral national costume with a picture frame prop, a silver for the team snowbuilding challenge, and a bronze for being the most congenial in her group.  Can she be a semifinalist possibility?

NEW CALEDONIA –  Julia Roquigny.  Her elegant looks might be her ticket to make the Top 16.  Thus far she only earned one medal–a silver for evening gown.

NEW ZEALAND – Anna Lisa Christiane.  She resembles a very young version of former Entertainment Tonight anchor Mary Hart, with red/strawberry blonde hair.  If the judges are in the mood for teenage ingenues she may make the final cut.

Mary Hart (image sourced from Deadline.com)

NORTHERN IRELAND – Dearbhlá Walsh.  Her face borders on plain, but she has a good, shapely figure.  I have a feeling her name is actually pronounced as “Darla” (Irish Gaelic has such peculiar pronunciations).

NORWAY – Britt Roselyn Rekkedal.  She didn’t win a medal, but I don’t think you should totally count her out, as she seems good looking and trim enough.


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