PANAMA – Carmen Jaramillo.  She seems to be making the biggest splash as she garnered three gold medals thus far–for cocktail wear, sports, and evening gown–plus a silver in national costume.  She seems on track to garnering an element.

PARAGUAY – Andrea Melgarejo.  Another looker from the highly competitive Latin American contiingent. she may not have garnered a medal but still could conceivably made teh Top 16 overall.

PERU – Zully Barrantes.  She won Reina Mundial de la Piña  (World Queen of Pineapple) earlier this year–the one representative in this groupw who competed in a lesser international pageant and won..  She may not have medaled but it’s possible she can make the final cut.

PHILIPPINES – Angelia Ong.  She garnered a bronze in evening gown and a silver for congeniality.  She may not be conventionally pretty but she still has an inside track of making the final cut.

POLAND – Magdalena Ho.  She’s an unusual representative for this country–she’s undeniably Asian.

PORTUGAL – Berth Elouga.  She garnered two silver medals in two non-looks-oriented events: talent and sports.  Still, her exotic features may be catnip to the judges and she can make the final cut.

REUNION ISLAND – Jane Soune-Seyne.  She seems an attractive and polished contender.  She garnered a gold for friendship.

ROMANIA – Anca Neculaiasa-Pavel.  She is good looking, so she can be a semifinals possibility.

RUSSIA – Mariya Chudakova.  Her features seem to have a Eurasian mix, which has its strong appeal.  She garnered a gold in the team snow-building competition and a bronze in evening gown.

SCOTLAND – Amy Meisak.  It’s quite rare to see a platinum blonde Scottish lass, which this lady is.  She garnered a bronze as darling of the press.

SINGAPORE – Tiara Hadi.  Many pageant fans and pundits may consider her a cellar dweller, and even her gold medal win for friendship would not sway them to switch their regard.

SLOVAK REPUBLIC – Anita Polgariova.  She has not garnered a medal, but no one can deny her gorgeous looks so she may be still in strong contention.

SLOVENIA – Laura Skvorc.  She garnered a sliver medal in national costume.  She could be considered a worthwhile contender.

SOUTH AFRICA – Carla Viktor.  Her looks may be plain but she is clearly committed to the cause, and garnered a gold in talent and a bronze in sports, along with a silver in the team snowman building competition.


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