I watched the livestream on YouTube, and I have come to the conclusion that YouTube livestreams based in Europe tend to be more stable than other types of livestreams (like Ustream, for instance).  I had a good experience watching the livestream of the Eurovision Song Contest last May, and now this stream also came in generally loud, steady, and clear.

There are people who criticized that the show is boring.  Well, yes, the energy is not as dynamic as it was in 2013, but I still see some dynamism in this pageant especially in contrast to some others.  I can quibble that a few of the pre-recorded covers of hit songs seemed to be repeated from 2013 and maybe that’s why some viewers don’t feel it’s “fresh” enough.

One of the big positives for the pageant for me were the hosts: veteran Polish journalist and presenter Maciej Dowbor (pronounced ma-tsi-yey dov-bor) and former Miss New York USA 2010 Davina Reeves, who married her Polish nutritionist a few years ago and moved to Poland to raise a family and develop a career there.  They have an easygoing chemistry together, both are very easy on the eyes, and both did a great job shifting from English to Polish and back (yes, Davina speaks good Polish).  If this pageant continues to be held in Poland I wouldn’t mind seeing these two people presenting again and again.

Hosts Maciej Dowbor and Davina Reeves (image courtesy of

I got 15 out of 20 correct, and seven of the Top Ten.  Four of those I missed are in my “Bubbling Under” list, including two of the eventual runners-up, Iceland (Tanja Ýr Ástthórsdóttir) and Mexico (Karina Martin).  I should’ve kept a bit of faith in those two as they are great lookers, but they are refreshingly worthy of their runner-up placements, even if it’s at the expense of favorites like Panama (Angie Keith) and India (Kafreen Rachel Vaz).  For the later two, they at least have the consolation of being crowned Continental Queens (awarded to those who placed below Top FIve).

Runners-up that I placed in my Bubbling under list: 3rd runner-up Iceland (Tania Yr Ástthórsdóttir) and 4th runner-up Mexico (Karina Martin)
Continental Queen consolations: India (Aafreen Rachel Vaz) and Panama (Angie Keith)

I only placed Belgium (Rachel Nimegeers) in my “striking distance” list as though I noticed her versatile projection skills, I didn’t find her that charismatic.  But it seems to the judges’eyes she has charisma, and in fact she was ranked 11th place.  If Miss Supranational didn’t disclose the ranking, I thought the one who ranked 11th was our very own Philippines (Rogelie Catacutan)--I thought she radiated a lot on stage and probably only missed the Top Ten by very little, but it turns out she was ranked a few notches lower at 14th.  Still a respectable showing, nevertheless.

11th placer Miss Belgium (Rachel Nimegeers) (image courtesy of Miss Supranational Official / Tomas Mosionek)
14th place spitfire: Philippines (Rogelie Catacutan)

The winner of the Ruth Ocumarez award is Spain (Raquel Bonilla), as many pageant fans and pundits expected her to win and when buzz died out after her Miss Moto Show win, at least just place.  Based on disclosed results by the Miss Supranational organization, she actually ranked 22nd.

Ruth Ocumarez Awardee: Spain (Raquel Bonilla)

I didn’t feel the charisma of Paraguay (Stephania Vazquez Stegman) in her photos in the way I felt about India, Panama, and eventual 1st runner-up Canada (Sarah Bearchell) and 2nd runner-up Colombia (Monica Castaño) but I did see why some pundits compared her to Victoria’s Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, and understood that could be the factor that made her the winner.  I’m generally satisfied that I got three of the Top Five correct. Congratulations to all the winners, and job well done to all those in the Top 20.



Miss Supranational 2015: Paraguay (Stephania Vazquez Stegman)
Alessandra Ambrosio (photo sourced from

All images courtesy of Miss Supranational Official / Tomasz Mosionek and Milton Mieloch unless otherwise indicated.