BULGARIA – Veneta Krasteva.  She has a nice, short BWAP video showing her as a nurse.  Otherwise she is at most a middling contender.


CAMEROON – Jessica Ngoua Nseme.  I’m not sure if her video was the one that is set to private or if it is Chile’s video, but she has a BWAP project apparently about the disease called “Rabbit’s Foot”.  She made the Top Model Top 30 and the Talent Top 30, so it’s possible she can be a possible semifinalist.  She also is running in the Top 10 of the People’s Choice Award, so her prospects are looking very rosy.



CHILE – Fernanda Andrea Sobarzo Aguilera.  She doesn’t have a BWAP video posted but she has cause she is representing–children with spina bifida.  She is good looking, but she hasn’t made a splash in any challenge event.  Hope she scores well in interview to shore up her fortunes.


CHINA P.R.  – Yuan Lu.  Logically being the host delegate might mean that she might have an advantage and perhaps even garner a third crown for her country, right?  She made Top 30 in Top Model and Talent, but it seems her best prospects might be in Multimedia, as she got a Top 10 placement in the Alipay portion of the challenge thus far (where they implore their fans to send charity donations via the Alipay platform–this is a subsidiary of Chinese online shopping giant Alibaba).  It’s still possible to make the Top Ten, but I doubt if she’ll duplicate the feats of Zhang Zilin and Yu Wenxia.



COLOMBIA – Maria Alejandra Lopez.  Prior to landing in Sanya, many pageant fans and pundits deemed her one of the favorites to make the Top FIve.  But she’s ending up as the closest equivalent to this year’s Holly Carpenter awardee–we only hope she scores high in interview and her BWAP project, featuring the Blue Mark foundation battling human trafficking.  She has the beauty and the communication skills to score high in the interview round.  I think she underwhelmed in Top Model based on her very basic blue gown that doesn’t do much for her.


COSTA RICA – Angélica Reyes Barboza.  She made a mark in Talent, placing in the Top 30.  Her BWAP project is called “Activating My Years”, a project to help improve the overall health of the elderly.  No confirmation if she’s shortlisted, but it’s a worthy project.


COTE D’IVOIRE – Andrea N’Guessan.  Besides making Top 30 in Top Model, she made Top Ten in Designer Dress with her orange jumpsuit with cape.  For fashion observers, it may have a connection with Lupita Nyong’o’s now legendary red 2014 Golden Globes dress, but whatever the case, I will be outraged if this doesn’t win the Designer Dress award as it’s the best thing out there.  She has a BWAP project helping child prisoners, but unfortunately she was unable to provide a video presentation.



Lupita Nyong’o and her Golden Globe dress (image courtesy of Huffington Post)

CROATIA – Maja Spahija.  Her designer dress garnered notoriety with that bunny-eared bust.  At least she has a BWAP video so she won’t be occupying the cellar.


CURACAO – Alexandra Krijger.  She’s attractive enough, but so far she fared well in the “homely” challenge events, making Top 13 in Talent with her dance number with piano playing medley and making Top 24 in Sports as part of the Yellow team.  No confirmation if she’s shortlisted for BWAP but her project creating awareness and help for people coping with depression is actually important (and let’s face it, resonant to me personally).



CYPRUS – Rafaela Charalampous.  Nick Verreos panned her designer dress in his blog as “too hoochie”.  I so agree.  At least to shore up her fortunes she has a BWAP video.


CZECH REPUBLIC – Andrea Kalousová.  She’s attractive, but raw, and her profile video was a hot mess–sure she’s honest that she doesn’t have a BWAP project but she threw shade on other girls while trying to explain herself, which should probably give her low marks on interview.  But she is not likely going to occupy the cellar (unless she’s scored too low in interview) as she made Top 24 in Sports for the Yellow team.


DENMARK – Jessica Hvirvelkær.  She’s a solid contender, making Top 24 in Sports for the Yellow team.  In video she reminds me of singer Jewel.


Jewel (image courtesy of Billboard.com)

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Cinthia Maria Núñez.  So far her achievement of note is making Top 24 in Sports for the Blue team.  Her gritty BWAP video is about helping women suffering from domestic violence.  It’s a worthy project but no confirmation yet if it’s shortlisted.


ECUADOR – María Camila Marañón Solórzano.  She’s a pretty girl, but like Colombia, she has not figured in the Challenge events thus far.   Hopefully she can score respectably in interview and with her BWAP project against domestic violence.  Or perhaps she wins the People’s Choice Award, as she’s currently among the Top Ten.


EL SALVADOR – Marcela Santamaria.  She’s an attractive Latina with excellent communication skills (though raw stage skills).  Her ace in the hole is her BWAP project, which is reportedly shortlisted.  To keep the youth from becoming part of the cycle of gang violence prevalent in her nation, she spearheaded a project forming, guess what, glee clubs in the most gang-prone areas.  Watching her video made me hanker for a dose of “Don’t Stop Believin’



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