ENGLAND – Natasha Hemmings.  In my opinion, she’s better looking than her predecessor who was a Top Five finalist.  But she’s not likely to fare as well as so far the only challenge event she had laid a mark on was Talent where she showcased her opera singing.


ETHIOPIA – Kisanet Teklehaimanot.  She made the Sports Top 24 as part of the Blue team, and she also made Top 30 in Top Model.  She can be a possible contender in the semifinals.



FIJI – Brittany Hazelman.  Oceania seems to be most formidable in Sports, and she’s one of those who made Top 24 as part of the Blue Team.


FINLAND – Carola Miller.  This tanned brunette is attractive, but she so far made the shortlist in the “homely” events of Talent and as a reserve for the Blue Team.


FRANCE – Hinarere Taputu.  She is from Tahiti, so she can be considered one of the Oceanians who shone in Sports this year (as part of the Blue team).  But she also has the gorgeousness to make the final cut in Top Model.  It’s such a shame she doesn’t have a BWAP video–which is also the same problem encountered by her predecessor Flora Cocquerel, who topped the preliminary interview but fell out of the Top 25 as her Top Model shortlist was not enough to sustain her showing.  It will be a waste if she also misses out of the cut because of a lack of BWAP–but then again perhaps she would earn big enough points in Top Model and Sports (plus multimedia since she is Top 20 in the Alipay round and is Top Ten in People’s Choice) to keep a strong standing.



GABON – Reine Ngotala Obiang.  She has not figured in any challenge event thus far but her BWAP project helping the mentally ill will keep her out of the cellar.


GEORGIA – Nino Karalashvili.  She definitely has the great model looks to be worthy of being shortlisted in Top Model.  Her BWAP project is unique–about animal conservation.  We’ll see if she’ll have an inside track to the semifinals.



GERMANY – Albijona Muharrmaj.  She’s actually originally from Kosovo (and represented as such in last year’s Miss Intercontinental) but has been residing in the country long enough to become Germany’s representative.  Her consolation is that she’ll earn those much needed BWAP points.


GIBRALTAR – Hannah Bado.  She’s good looking but she’s not making any impact in the challenge events thus far.  She’ll at least earn some points from her BWAP video.


GUADELOUPE – Arlene Tacite.  Her blue-and-white dress does make an impression that it was shortlisted for Designer Dress, and she made Top 30 in Talent.  This will offset the lack of a BWAP video though she declared she is advocating the cause of sickle cell anemia.


GUAM – Aria Perez Theisen.  She is one of the Oceania ladies who shone in sports–she is part of the Blue team.  Though she failed to make the Top 10 in Designer Dress, Nick Verreos praised her dress on his blog (it’s actually designed by a Filipino–Leo Almodal).  She is making a vey positive impression thus far.


GUATEMALA –  María José Larrañaga Retolaza.  She hasn’t figured in any challenge event, but hopefully her BWAP project with Glasswing Internaional (uplifting people’s lives from poverty, among others) will help shore up her fortunes.


GUINEA – Mama Aïssata Diallo.  She has not figured in any challenge event and she doesn’t have a BWAP video–but she declared she does have a project, helping destigmatize people who suffered from Ebola and help educate children orphaned by this disease.  I don’t know if she’ll get credits for declaring a cause without a video.


GUYANA – Lisa Punch.  Looks wise, she’s not well-regarded.  However, she has a lot of aces up her proverbial sleeve as she has a great singing voice that she won the Talent challenge event.  She also is reported to make the BWAP shortlist with her project helping suicide prevention (ooh, another cause that resonates in my life), and based on the Top Three showing in the Alipay portion of Multimedia challenge, she is likely to shine there, too.



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