LATVIA – Lāsma Zemene.  Another candidate for the Holly Carpenter award, she is a pretty face who did not figure in any of the challenge events, and she doesn’t have a BWAP video (but she declared her BWAP project is her profession as a police officer specializing in helping children).


LEBANON – Valerie Abou Chacra.  Many pageant fans and pundits were impressed with her when she won her national pageant as she is drop-dead gorgeous, and many regarded her as the front-runner to win Miss World.  However, she only made an impact in one challenge event–Top Model.  We can only hope that she will score high in the judges’ interview as she seems to also have the outgoing personality that we typically characterize many of the male Lebanese contestants over the years (that is why they had a sterling track record in Mister World, along with other male international pageants) on top of earning credits for her BWAP video.



LESOTHO – Relebohile Mamaphathe Kobeli.  Her designer dress is actually a literal interpretation of her country’s flag, down with the traditional hat.   Her BWAP project helping create sustainable agriculture is reportedly shortlisted, and she also was a reserve for the Orange team in the Sports challenge.  I think she’ll score high in the preliminary interview as she’s outgoing and very articulate.


MACEDONIA F.Y.R.O. – Emilija Rozman.  Another Holly Carpenter award candidate, she is a pretty face who also didn’t figure in any challenge event.  She declared a BWAP is that she has been doing volunteer work since she was 20, though unfortunately, no video.


MALAYSIA – Brynn Lovett.  Her biggest chances for advancing further is that she ranked 2nd in Talent with her contemporary-meets-breakdance routine, and a possible strong showing in Multimedia judging from her Top Ten finish in the Alipay portion.


MALTA – Katrina Mari Pavia.  She is attractive, but she might take up the rear as she’s a bit raw, and she doesn’t have a BWAP video (though she declared she is involved in helping the elderly).


MAURITIUS – Aurellia Bégué.  She has exotic appeal but she has not figured in any challenge event.  On top of that, though she has a BWAP about preventing teenage pregnancy, she doesn’t have a video to show for it.


MEXICO – Yamelin Ramirez Cota.  She seems to be in a similar quandary with Colombia, a great looking lady who didn’t make any impression in the challenge events except Top 20 in the Alipay portion of the Multimedia challenge.  Would that be enough to shore her standing in this pageant?  Nick Verreos declared her designer dress a mess for one key reason–the positioning of the rose petal design; you know what “flower” is a euphemism for, right?  It’s interesting that in her BWAP video, she didn’t speak a single word–it’s just captions and footage of what she does for the issue of autism.


MOLDOVA – Anastasia Iacub.  She’s another Holly Carpenter candidate,  failing to figure in any challenge event and also doesn’t have a BWAP video.  She did declare that she’s helping orphans in her country, though…  Anyway, I noticed in her profile video that she has a close resemblance to Philippine actress / commercial juggernaut Anne Curtis.


Anne Curtis (image courtesy of Inquirer.net)

MONGOLIA – Anu Namshir.  Her long-sleeved white lace gown earned her a Top Ten citation for Dress Designer.  Too bad that didn’t translate to a Top Model shortlist, and she has not figured in any other challenge event.  At least she’ll earn points from having a BWAP video.


MONTENEGRO – Nataša Milosavljević.  Her voice has a deepness to it.  Facewise, she reminds me of the late Brittany Murphy during her Clueless days, prior to transforming into a blonde babe.


Brittany Murphy in Clueless (image courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

MYANMAR – Khin Yadanar Thein Myint.  She made Top 30 in Talent and looks poised to earn some points in Multimedia, judging from her Top 20 showing in the Alipay portion.


NAMIBIA – Steffi Van Wyk.  She’s a national athlete, so it’s a bit obvious that she won the Sports challenge as part of the Red team (reportedly dominating all available events).  She is likely to secure a semifinal showing as she made the shortlist with BWAP, which is related to her athleticism, educating children to go into sports.  She also made the Talent Top 30.


Sports Top Five: Kazakhstan (4th), Guam (3rd), Namibia (1st), Seychelles (2nd), Samoa (5th)

NEPAL – Evana Manandhar.  She’s attractive, but her best prospects so far was points from Multimedia (Top 20 so far in the Alipay portion of the challenge) and her BWAP project–though we are still awaiting confirmation if her BWAP project helping the victims of the earthquake in her country last April (which was her birthday, she noted) was shortlisted.



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