NETHERLANDS – Margo Hanekamp.  Despite a hot mess of a designer dress she made the Top 30 in Top Model.  Her BWAP project is unique as it’s about training dogs to help the disabled.



NEW ZEALAND – Deborah Rose Lambie.  She is likely to score high in interview as she’s a doctor, but she is figuring in the challenges, too, making Top 24 in Sports as part of the Orange Team, placing Top 30 in Talent, and is on track of winning the Multimedia challenge as she is dominating the Alipay portion so far.  She can prove to be a challenge against the perceived front-runner from Australia.


NICARAGUA – Stefanía Alemán.  As part of the Orange Team, she made the Top 24.  She is better looking than her Designer Dress look might suggest (she looked old-fashioned, fi you ask me).  Her BWAP project is primarily affiliated with Operation Smile, but they also showed a brief early footage of recycling program.


NIGERIA – Unoaku Anyadike.  She’s attractive, but she has not made an impact in the challenge events thus far.  At least she’ll earn credits for BWAP.


NORTHERN IRELAND – Leanne McDowell.  Since she didn’t seem to figure in any of the challenge events, she’ll be the weakest link amongst the five British Isle girls this year.  At least she’ll earn credits for her BWAP project.


NORWAY – Fay Teresa Valbekk.  She made the Top 24 in Sports as part of the Orange Team.


PANAMA – Diana Jaén Ortega.  It’s interesting that her designer dress has a Chinese motif to it.  She has not figure in any challenge event, but at least she’ll earn credits for BWAP.


PARAGUAY – Giovanna Estéfan Villalba.  She garnered 4th place in Talent with her traditional Latin dance.  She also made Top 30 in Top Model.  She seems to have an inside track into the semifinals.



PERU – Karla Kristel Chocano Tolentino.  She reported that her BWAP project is helping children suffering from malnutrition.  Unfortunately she doesn’t have a video to show for that.


PHILIPPINES – Hillarie Parungao.  It looks like her strongest bets for securing a slot and gaining a win is Multimedia and BWAP.  She is running 7th in the Alipay portion of the Multimedia challenge, and her wide-ranging Katuwang project to combat infant mortality looks like one of the front-runners to win.  Making Top 30 in both Top Model and Talent seems to secure her standing in this pageant–most likely she’ll be in the Top Ten.  Now to duplicate Megan Young’s win?  Despite being in “hostile” territory, she can conceivably do it, though there is Australia to contend with along with the other Oceania ladies from New Zealand and Samoa, among others.



POLAND – Marta Kaja Palucka.  She is reportedly shortlisted in BWAP and she has the great looks to make Top 30 in Top Model.  Looks like she has an inside track into the semifinals.



PORTUGAL – Rafaela Sofia Pardete.  She’s raw so she failed to figure in any of the challenge events.  She has a BWAP project regarding helping former prisoners get integrated back to society, but unfortunately no video to speak for it.  It’s a noble project and hope she earns credits from it even sans video.


PUERTO RICO – Keysi Vargas Vélez.  Her black gown with sheer bottom got shortlisted in Designer Dress, and she made Top 30 in Top Model.  She also made the Top 30 in Talent.  She has a BWAP project helping people suffering from obesity, but no video to show for that–would she still have enough points to make it to the semifinals?



ROMANIA – Natalia Ioana Onet.  She made the reserve for the Orange team in Sports.  That’s her only event of note so far, as she doesn’t have a video for her BWAP project, about educating children from the outlying villages.


RUSSIA – Sofia Nikitchuk.  Just like Poland, she made Top 30 in Top Model and is shortlisted in BWAP, with her project helping people from a remote island village find new access to water as their local wells dried up.





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