THE RED TEAM.  This team features fellows with noticeable gifts of gab and some who made serious impact in the Extreme Sports challenge.  They didn’t seem to fare that well in the 10-tonne landscaping challenge as they were last, though.  In terms of group introduction video, it’s nice and entertaining (especially at the end, when they compared Kenya to singer Akon), but I felt the other three teams had extra pizzazz.  They do have an edge over the Blue team with their fitness video, but it’s a bit too earnest compared to the entertaining offerings from the Green and Yellow teams.

Red Team (L-R): South Africa, Greece, Sri Lanka, Japan, Italy (placed by mistake), Nicaragua, Canada, Kenya, Northern Ireland, Costa Rica, and Ghana. Not in picture: Malaysia and Sweden.

CANADA – Jinder Atwal.  His contestant introduction video actually turned me off.  He came off as too slick as he rattled off his achievements to the point of being seemingly unreal and insincere.  But in Southport as he posts his videos as part of the Multimedia challenge, he started to give off a likeable impression that I don’t seriously object to him.  Still, it will be an uphill battle for him to make the Top Ten.

Canada MW

Grimacing in Extreme Sports

COSTA RICA – Daniel Alfaro Barrantes.  He’s good looking, but his face gives off a geeky vibe.  He’s almost like a geekier version of The Flash star Grant Gustin.  Still, he surprises as he did very well in the Extreme Sports challenge–placing fourth behind the three formidable members of the Blue team.  Can that performance give him a ticket to the Top Ten?

Costa Rica MW

I wish we have a good solo pic of him in action during Extreme Sports but this will have to do.
Grant Gustin (image sourced in Zap2It.com)

GHANA – Selorm Tay.  He does have a beefy bod and is clearly athletic, though he wasn’t reported as a standout in the Sports or Extreme Sports events.  Still he’s a worthwhile contender.

Ghana MW

At the golf portion of the sports challenge.

GREECE – Iraklis Kozas.  Recent Greek representatives to this contest tend to be aces in the looks department, but don’t really generate much of an impact personality-wise.  That being said, he actually has more spark than his predecessors had, but still many others had brighter sparks.  He is a step in the right direction.

Greece MW

At the golf portion of the Sport challenge

JAPAN – Yuki Sato.  His very Japanese name belies the fact he’s actually half-Australian, so he makes up for the absence of Australia in this edition.  Many pageant fans and pundits may not be into his looks, but he looks poised to make serious inroads based on his showing in the Extreme Sports challenge (he placed 6th) and his strong communications skills.

Japan MW

Before gearing up for the Extreme Sports challenge, time to cuddle a cute dog.

KENYA – Kevin Owiti.  As his fellow teammates joked, he looks like Senegal-born singer Akon–though to my eyes, he’s handsomer than that celebrity with a cleaner-cut image to boot.  In my opinion, he’s the handsomest African in this group, and the one from his continent to most likely make the cut.  He didn’t seem to make an impact on the challenge events so it might come down to ranking high in the interview to make the final cut.

Kenya MW

with South Africa and Northern Ireland
Akon (image courtesy of MTV.com)

MALAYSIA – Mohamed Yusuf Tony.  In real-world terms, he can be considered attractive, and he has a great bod.  But amidst a bevy of handsome standouts?  It’s an uphill battle.  But he at least gotten notice for being the best-performing Red team member in the golf portion of the Sport challenge.

Malaysia MW

Acing the golf portion of the Sport challenge.

NICARAGUA – Edson Bonilla.  Here’s another person who’ll be deemed a hunk in everyday life but may fall a tad short in stratified pageant standards.  He made an impact placing 10th in the Extreme Sports challenge.

Nicaragua MW

Getting ready for the Extreme Sport challenge

NORTHERN IRELAND – Paul Pritchard.  He’s a handsome guy, but he looks thicker than his buffed-to-the-max brothers-in-arms, and though he seems well-spoken, there are other better communicators who would edge him out.

N Ireland MW

Having McDonald’s coffee with Mr. South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA – Armand DuPlessis.  He was a well-regarded contestant in the heat-inducing batch of Manhunt International 2012, but he missed the cut there.  The emphasis on personality in this pageant suits him better here, and he delivered well in Multimedia, placing 10th thus far in the Mobi app challenge.  His renowned gift of gab looks like a winning factor that could help him secure a slot in the Top Ten, and perhaps even further.

S Africa MW

Filipino pageant netizens “Say Yay!”: He’s the first to post Mr. Philippines’ arrival in Southport.
With fellow Red Team members Malaysia and Sri Lanka in the golf portion of the Sports challenge.

SRI LANKA – Jake Senartne.  In a startified setting like this pageant (and also in Mister International 2015), he seems more like an also-ran and will most likely miss the cut.  But this pageant helps show case his silly, quirkier side, and he impresses in the group fitness video as she showcased a buffer than expected frame when exercising.

Sri Lanka MW

Mugging with Poland (L) and Japan (R)

SWEDEN – Robin Mähler.  I know there are girls who dig his blond stringy-haired look, and he might have a charm that would win over the judges in interview.  He also made an initial splash in the Extreme Sports challenge, and though he qualified for the Top 12 in that event, he had to drop out due to a pulled hamstring.

Sweden MW

Running cross-country during the Extreme Sports challenge


Shirtless after the Extreme Sport challenge: (From L-R): Ghana, South Africa, Nicaragua, Northern Ireland, Japan, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Canda, and Malaysia. Absent: Costa RIca, Greece, and Kenya,

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