YELLOW TEAM.  This team didn’t figure much in the Extreme Sports challenge as it only managed to have one contestant in the Top 12.  But this group started to gain traction as it did respectably in the 10-tonne landscaping challenge and its group videos are fun to watch.  There is also a chance that the overall Multimedia champion and the Talent champion might come from this group.

Yellow Team (L-R): Panama, Denmark, Honduras, Sweden (placed by mistake), Malta, Korea, Romania, Guadeloupe, Bolivia, China, Moldova, and Brazil. Not in picture: Italy

BOLIVIA – Sebastian Molina Rivero.  He’s another case of being a catch in real-world terms but not in serious contention for the finals according to stratified pageant standards.

Bolivia MW

With Mr. Brazil (L)

BRAZIL – Lucas Montadon.  He’s attractive, articulate, and charming, but he’s far from the utter heady heights of Gustavo Gianetti, Lucas Gil, and Jonas Sulzbach.  He’s a worthwhile contender but I doubt he’s in serious contention of making the final cut.

Brazil MW

CHINA – Chang Zhou Sheng.  His best quality is being well-spoken with strong English skills,  But we discover he has a very amusing quirky side, as shown by a video taken by Mr. Nigeria, below.  I think he’s like the male version of the utterly quirky character in the Pitch Perfect movies, vocal percussionist Lily Onakuramura, played by Hana Mae Lee

China MW

DENMARK – Rasmus Pedersen.  He could deliver his country a back-to-back win as his human interest story as a cancer survivor is clearly going to be hard to resist.  That he also was the sole member of his team to make the Top 12 in the Extreme Sports challenge also bolsters his cause.

Denmark MW

The only Yellow Team member to make the Top 12 in the Extreme Sports challenge

GUADELOUPE – Ludovic Letin.  He made the Top 10 in the early  part of the Mobi portion of the Multimedia challenge before dropping off to make way for other rising contenders like Poland and Philippines.  He’s attractive enough, but I don’t think he made a big enough splash to become the “black-man-most-likely”.

Guadeloupe MW

With Mr. Korea in the golf portion of the Sport challenge. Check out his caption on his Facebook profile, referencing Wiz Khalifa: “U know what it is! Black&yellow black&yellow”

HONDURAS – Abelardo Bobadilla.  He’s scruffy, mature, and a tad rough-looking, but still very attractive.  If this pageant’s tradition in the Talent round is to be followed, he looks like the most likely to win the Talent competition as he’s the best singer in the group (being a professional singer back home).

Honduras MW


Bus selfie with Messrs. England and Malta

ITALY – Federico Carta.  He’s a dreamy hunk with a likeable personality.  But there are much more vibrant personalities and stronger communicators out there that despite his gorgeous looks, he might be overshadowed and miss the final cut.

Italy MW

At the 10-Ton team challenge

KOREA – Young Suk Seo.  He’s not conventionally handsome but he exudes personality ahd he has that enviably beefy buffed bod.   But I don’t think interview  is his strong suit, so making a creditable impression is enough.

Korea MW

Flexing with Messrs. Italy and Bolivia

MALTA – Timmy Puschkin.  Yes, Mr. Poland won the Mobi portion of the Multimedia challenge, but I have a feeling this guy will end up as the overall Multimedia champion with all the material he put up online.  Going beardless is a great strategy as he stands out from the bevy of scruffy hunks.  He could be one to keep an eye on.

Malta MW


MOLDOVA – Anatolie Jalba.  He’s good looking with a beefy bodybuilder’s bod.  But it’s unlikely he’ll equal the finisht of the previous edition’s Extreme Sports champion, Valeriu Gutu.  Still, he’s a worthwhile contender.

Moldova MW

Gym selfie with Romania (R)

PANAMA – Sergio Lopez Gotti.  He now has a more refined, mature image from the steamy Latino beefcake persona he assumed in Mister International 2013.  He made a noteable performance by being the best performer of his team in the golf portion of the Sports challenge.

Panama MW

2nd place in golf.

ROMANIA – Ion Garaba.  His face has an attractive roughness about it–some people would dig it.  But the main asset this guy is most proud of is his bodybuilder’s physique, and he especially loves showing off his six-pack abs.

Romania MW

Showcasing his washboard abs after the grueling Extreme Sports challenge


After the Extreme Sport challenge (from L-R): Moldova, Italy, Panama, Guadeloupe, Brazil, Korea, Malta, Bolivia, Romania, Denmark, and Honduras. Not in picture: China

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